Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5078

While Ye Chen’s words shocked Qiu Zhiyuan, they also caused mixed feelings in his heart at this moment.

For one thing, he could not understand why this young man had such confidence to intervene to challenge the immense Qing Breaking Society.

Secondly, he couldn’t understand even more why the same person had a different fate. Both himself and Wan Bajun were martial geniuses, and their cultivation before the age of thirty was not just overwhelming, but even looked at as astounding.

To be able to cultivate to an eight-star martial artist before the age of thirty was a complete rarity in the world of martial artists he originally knew, and it was hard to pick one out of ten thousand.

Therefore, when he had decided to enter the world a year or so ago, he had sighed and lamented over Wan Bajun’s future.

At that time, he thought that although Wan Bajun’s training had been smooth until he was thirty, he was after all a student of his own, and the way he trained in martial arts and his heart method were all exactly the same, so he would certainly face the embarra*sing situation of not being able to make a breakthrough for thirty years.

When he decided to enter the world, Qiu Zhiyuan also told Wan Bajun about his worries, and he even rea*sured him and promised him that once he found a chance to break through to the Dark Realm, he would definitely come back to help him.

However, who could have imagined that when he had made up his mind and taken the initiative to join the Qing Breaking a*sociation, waiting for the chance to enter the Huben Camp and preparing to spend at least ten years to seek a breakthrough in the Huben Camp, his disciple, Wan Bajun, would have already made it to the Dark Realm.

This huge psychological gap made Qiu Zhiyuan’s heart feel very uncomfortable, and he could not help but feel a bit ashamed when he faced Wan Bajun.

The feeling of his master being overtaken by his disciple really gave him mixed feelings.

Wan Bajun could also see the despondency on his master’s face, and immediately blurted out, “Master, Mr Ye is truly a person of great divine power, and is the head of the Chinese Ye family. Moreover, Young Master Ye is generous, repays grievances with virtue and convinces people with virtue! When I broke all my meridians, Young Master Ye helped me to repair them completely, and in one incense stick’s time, I was able to enter the Dark Realm.

Qiu Zhiyuan’s expression was extremely complicated.

He also knew that joining the Broken Clear Society was the next best thing to a bad idea, and if he hadn’t been unable to break through for decades, he wouldn’t have been willing to suffer such humiliation even if it killed him.

He was not the real leader of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but he was the ancestor that everyone respected, and his prestige was even higher than that of the Ten Thousand Broken Jun.

But after joining the Qing Breaking Society, he was nothing more than a lackey of the Society.

His position, just a guard beside the sect leader, seemed as if he was already considered under one person and above thousands of others here, but in reality, he had no command over the Primus Guards, or the dead soldiers.

And he didn’t have any men either, he was just at the knight’s beck and call.

Not to mention that now, he had somehow become a prisoner of Nighthen’s.

Thinking of this, he also kneeled down on one knee without thinking, clasped his hands to Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, if you don’t mind, my name is Qiu Zhiyuan, I would like to serve at your side as a dog and horse!”