Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5077

Hearing that he had given his disciple Wan Bajun a heavenly chance, he could not help but ask respectfully, “Mr. Ye, I wonder what exactly is your identity?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “You are not qualified to ask about my identity yet.”

After saying that, Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “You haven’t answered the question that Broken Army just asked you.”

Qiu Zhiyuan’s body shook and he said in a hurry, “I entered the world to travel in the clouds to find a chance to break through to the Ming realm of great perfection, and by chance I met the sect leader here in North Africa, and when he saw that my cultivation had reached the Ming realm of great perfection, he persuaded me to join the Broken Clear Society and promised that after three years of service in the Broken Clear Society, he would recommend me to join the Huben Battalion. But I didn’t realize that I would have to take a special poison to join the Qing Breaking Society and that I would need to take an antidote for life to save my life ……”

Wan Bajun was surprised and asked, “Master, what kind of organization is the Huben Camp?”

Qiu Zhiyuan explained, “The Huben Camp is the base where the Broken Qing Society cultivates Dark Realm experts, every martial artist who has reached the full circle of the Bright Realm can successfully break through and step into the Dark Realm after joining the Huben Camp ……”

Wan Bajun could not help but say, “Master, according to what my disciple knows about this organisation so far, this organisation with a history of several hundred years seems to be very evil, why would you join such an organisation to work for them?”

Qiu Zhiyuan sighed with a sigh, “Because I want to break through! There was a time when I was a genius martial artist, and I was in my thirties when I reached the full circle of the Ming realm. I have not been able to do so for so many years ……”

I did not hesitate at that moment and agreed to them immediately. For me, my biggest goal in life is to be able to step into the Dark Realm. “

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but ask Wan Breaking Jun: “Breaking Jun, why are you here?! Could it be that Wan Long Hall has become enemies with the Broken Qing Society?”

Wan Broken Jun arched his hands towards Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Back to Master, my disciple and tens of thousands of troops from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall have sworn their loyalty to Mr. Ye, and the reason why my disciple is here is because Mr. Ye wants to completely eradicate the Broken Qing Society that you are talking about!”

Qiu Zhiyuan subconsciously looked at Ye Chen and said frankly, “Little brother, although I have only been a member of the Qing Breaking Society for a year, but just like a leopard in a tube, a glimpse of a spot will tell the whole story. To go against the Qing Breaking Society is like an ant trying to shake a tree, it’s unbeatable!”

Hearing this, Ye Chen smiled faintly and said indifferently, “So what if it is a giant tree? I will cut off all its branches and buds, and then uproot it and trample it under my feet!”