Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5075

At this time, the Chairman’s voice came over the radio, “Attention all Primus Guards, gather at the Staff Auditorium in ten minutes, the Special Envoy will distribute the latest antidote for everyone!”

When Ma Chen Fei heard the announcement, he stood up excitedly and said ambitiously, “Brothers, the time has come to build up! Everyone, go back and take a towel and hold it in your left hand, when the Lord Special Envoy sees it, he will know that we are all absolutely loyal to the organisation!

Someone asked him, “Brother Ma, isn’t it a bit strange for us to hold a towel in our hands, what should we say if the others ask?”

Ma Chen Fei said casually, “Whatever they do, if someone asks, just say that it’s hot and we have a towel to wipe our sweat, don’t care if they believe us or not, it’s just a towel anyway, what can they guess?”

After all, even if they take the antidote, the poison in their bodies won’t really be lifted, and when the envoy tells the truth, they will still have to behave themselves. At that time, even if they know that we have already made our hearts known to the envoy, what will happen? In any case, they will either be executed or put under our command, so what are they afraid of?”

The man immediately understood and clasped his hands together, “Brother Ma is wise! It seems that today is a great opportunity for our brothers to rise to great heights! We all owe everything to Brother Ma, and we will definitely listen to your orders in the future!”

Ma Chen Fei nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile, “With these words from our brothers, it’s not a waste of my time today. Everyone hurry back to prepare towels, we will see you in the staff auditorium later!”


Just as all the primus guards began to prepare to go to the staff auditorium, Wan Xiaojun’s group had also successfully landed and quietly circled around to the back side of the copper mine.

Ye Chen ordered his special envoy, Duan Liye, and the two sectional amba*sadors to personally go to meet them and bring the group directly to the office building.

Apart from Wan Bajun, the others stayed in the conference room for the time being, while Wan Bajun, accompanied by Duan Liye, stepped into the office where Ye Chen was.

After entering the office, Wan Bajun bowed slightly to Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, all of my subordinates have arrived and are waiting for your further instructions.”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “I have already asked their primus guards to gather in the auditorium, as planned we will first uncover the traitors within the primus guards and then hold a rally for them, at that time you will take those seven primus guards and listen to my orders in the background.”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun said, “Okay Mr. Ye, my subordinate understands!”

After saying that, he clasped his fist towards Ye Chen and subconsciously glanced at the few people standing motionless in the room.

This look did not matter, he looked at one of the middle-aged and elderly people and blurted out in shock, “Master?! Why are you here?!”