Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5068

The man said with an anxious face, “Aiya Lord Envoy, everything I have said is the truth, not only has the toxin in my body disappeared, but the toxins in the other 11 people have also disappeared!”

If you do not kill them as soon as possible, they will probably lead all the Primus Guards and the dead soldiers to mutiny! ”

Ye Chen paused slightly for a moment, before asking curiously, “Why are you telling me this? Haven’t you ever thought about breaking away from the organization’s control?”

When that man heard this, he thought that Ye Chen was deliberately testing his loyalty, so he turned pale with fear and hurriedly waved his hand to explain, “Please understand, Lord Envoy, I am dedicated to the organisation and have no intention of defecting! Moreover, the opportunity given to me by the organisation is what has brought me to this point.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “They all say that although the Primus Guards and the dead soldiers are obedient to the organization, they are full of hatred towards the organization and are always thinking of breaking away from the organization’s control.” Now it seems that this is not true.

The man immediately took a step forward, bowed ninety degrees and put his hands on top of his head, and said respectfully, “Lord Envoy, the fact that I am here today is the result of the joint efforts of many of my ancestors.

Ye Chen laughed, “Haha! You are indeed a malleable talent! At first glance, this poison seems to have completely lifted the toxin from your bodies, but in reality, he is only keeping the toxin hidden for the time being, so as to test which of you have mutinous intentions towards the organization and which of you have loyalty towards the organization! ”

The man’s expression was one of horror, but it was soon replaced by an uncontrollable excitement and thrill.

He could not hide his joy and said out of the blue, “I was still wondering just now, how could Lord Ying, with his saintly wisdom, have formulated such a southbound antidote, but I never thought that Lord Ying would be so wise!”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “I won’t hide it from you, Lord Ying has always known that the vast majority of you Primus Guards as well as the dead soldiers lack loyalty and are even full of hatred towards Lord Ying, and he moved this idea not because he wanted to find out those traitors who intended to defect, but because he wanted to unearth a malleable talent like you through this means! ”

I’m sure that Lord Ying will reward you with merit and perhaps promote you to be the commander of the Primus Guard!”

The man was immediately overjoyed and fell to his knees with a poof, kowtowing, “Thank you for the promotion, Lord Special Envoy!”

Ye Chen stretched out his hand to signal him to get up, and then continued to set him up again, asking with a smile, “According to your understanding, how many other people in the Primus Guard are truly loyal to the organisation like you?”

The man thought for a moment and spoke, “There aren’t many I can identify, but there are at least a dozen! They are all loyal to the organization, and they all want to be able to make themselves, and their families, more valued by the organization through their own efforts.”

“Good!” Ye Chen nodded and admonished, “After you go out from here, don’t let the other eleven people see any clues, then you go find the ones you think will definitely not betray the organisation and quietly tell them the truth about the antidote, and ask them to hold the towel in their left hand when they take the medicine later so that I can recognise it at a glance, and remember not to let any word out. ”

Without thinking, the man said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get right on it!”