Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5064

However, if anyone who takes the medicine immediately comes to him or her to tell on him or her, then that person’s heart must have already turned to the Qing Breaking Society.

Through such means, although he could not determine whether those who had reservations were really at odds with the Qing Breaking Society, he could at least screen out the traitors in the Primus Guards first.

He then asked the amba*sador, “How many people are there in charge of the Primus at all levels?”

Without thinking, the knight-errant said, “There is one commander, three banner commanders, nine battalion commanders, and twenty-seven captains in the Primus Guard.”

After saying that, he added, “However, the last mission lost a commanding officer, a battalion commander and two captains who were missing.”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Divide the remaining ones into three groups, bring the ones from one group here first, and prepare a room for them next door where they can take their medicine.”

The sectarian immediately said respectfully, “My subordinate will arrange this!”

Ye Chen gave a hmph and instructed, “After you bring the people here, come and find me here.”



Waited for about a few minutes.

The sectarian amba*sador hurried back and respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Lord envoy, the first group of twelve people have arrived, please move to the meeting room!”

Ye Chen nodded, wrapped in his black robe, and led by the Sectional Envoy, he went to the large conference room next door.

At this moment, twelve apprehensive middle-aged men were already sitting in the conference room.

All of these men were the heads of the Primus Guards at all levels.

When Ye Chen stepped in, all of these men had very nervous expressions.

Ye Chen walked up to the top of the conference table, looked at the twelve Primus Guards and said indifferently, “Gentlemen, thanks to the benevolence of Lord Ying, a new antidote has been given to all the Primus Guards, and I have called you all here today in the hope that you can try this new medicine first.”

Upon hearing that it was a new antidote, the expressions of all the people were astonished.

At this moment, they were all very surprised in their hearts.

This was because, as far as they could remember, they had never heard of the organisation replacing a new medicine.

Ye Chen continued at this time, “Recently, there have been sudden changes in the wind and clouds, and I think you all have heard that the Primus Guards will face more difficult tasks in the future, so your previous seven-day medicine has clearly been somewhat insufficient, so Lord Ying has prepared a new antidote for you, and the new medicine’s effect will be extended from seven days to fifteen days.”

Once the twelve people heard this, the doubts in their hearts were instantly dispelled.

Ye Chen took out the antidote he had prepared and said indifferently, “All of you will take the medicine here this time, after taking the medicine, I will interview you all one by one in the next room, at that time, I need you to tell me the truth about how you feel about taking the medicine, I will record all your accounts and present them to Lord Ying when I return!”