Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5063

Ye Chen nodded, stretched out his hand and gently patted him on the shoulder, as a trace of aura was transferred into the other man’s brain, Ye Chen said indifferently, “Very well, but from now on, you will do whatever I say, do you understand?”

The young man’s eyes staggered, then without thinking, he said, “Understood!”

The few people behind him were still somewhat puzzled at this point, wondering why this Lord Envoy would say such words to the Festival Amba*sador.

After all, in the Broken Qing Society, the Ying Lord was the only supreme being, and no one was allowed to disobey him, let alone to go below his superiors, but this Lord Envoy’s words seemed to be a desire to cultivate his own beloved within the organisation.

Seeing several people hesitate, Ye Chen deliberately sneered and asked, “What? A few of you are not willing to serve me like him?”

The middle-aged man said without a second thought, “I only follow Lord Ying’s lead!”

Ye Chen smiled and nodded, saying indifferently, “Indeed, your loyalty is commendable! Seeing you all being so loyal to Lord Ying, I can also rest a*sured.”

Ye Chen’s words caused several people to breathe a slight sigh of relief, thinking that Ye Chen was just testing their loyalty to the organisation.

At this time, Ye Chen walked up to several people, stretched out his hand and shook each of them, and only after each person’s brain had been fed with their own aura, he cleared his throat and said in a stern voice to several people, “From now on, your only mission is to serve me, do you understand?”

“Understood!” Several people had already been completely psychologically implied by Ye Chen at this point, and one by one, they respectfully agreed.

After controlling these people, Ye Chen began to prepare for the execution of his plan.

Through his understanding of the Broken Qing Society, he could conclude that the dead soldiers, as well as their families, were inevitably filled with hatred for the Broken Qing Society deep down.

Therefore, as long as he could cure the severe poison in their bodies, they would definitely be turned back by himself.

However, the Primus Guards, as a group, were relatively more cautious.

Because although the primus guards were also born as dead soldiers, after all, some of them had already gained a relatively free status and had entered the promotion ladder tailor-made for them by the Broken Qing Society, so some of them must have already tilted their hearts towards the Broken Qing Society and decided to make it big in the Broken Qing Society by their own efforts.

So, Ye Chen came up with an idea to hoe the traitors.

He planned to have these managers call the heads of the Primus Guards at all levels to come here first and have them take their medicine here.

After they had taken the medicine, he would then give them a chance to talk directly to his “special envoy” without making a sound.

The antidote brought by Ye Chen would instantly disintegrate the poison in their bodies once these Primus guards took it.