Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5061

Ye Chen had guessed correctly.

When he arrived at the top floor together with Duan Liye, the middle-aged man brought the two into his office.

Following along with him was the young man who was a two-heaven of the Dark Realm, as well as those few Ming Realm experts.

The moment the door closed, the young man took the first step to Duan Liye and suddenly bent his knees to the ground, kowtowing heavily and choking back a sob, he said, “Lord Special Envoy, please have mercy and save our 3,700 people up and down here!”

The others immediately followed the young man and knelt down, choking back sobs, “Lord Envoy, please be merciful!”

Duan Liye was caught a little off guard.

Ye Chen had given him the mental implication that he should meet with these people as he had done in the past.

However, the fact that these people were suddenly kneeling in front of him and begging him for mercy made him a little at a loss for words.

The current Duan Liye was more like a machine executing an order; if the order was recorded in his system, he would be able to execute it immediately, but if it was not recorded, he would enter a state of procedural error.

This was also the biggest drawback of mental suggestion.

Ye Chen could see that Duan Liye was a bit down, so he spoke up and asked, “Are you guys worried that Lord Ying will use the same means to punish you that he used to punish others twenty years ago?”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words came out, several people were instantly filled with horror!

They did not expect that the attendant who had always followed the envoy without saying a word would take the initiative to speak today.

Moreover, the moment he spoke, he had spoken to the fear in their hearts!

Several people looked at each other, and then the young man suddenly realised something and crawled towards Ye Chen on his knees, choking, “Please forgive me for being blind and failing to understand Lord Envoy’s identity at an early stage, and please condemn Lord Envoy!”

As soon as the others saw this, they too immediately came to a realization and crawled on their knees in front of Ye Chen, begging with unparalleled devotion, “Please condemn Lord Envoy!”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned, and then quickly came to his senses, thinking in his heart, “It seems that these people are treating me as a real envoy.”

Just as Duan Liye had said, in those enterprises controlled by the Qing Breaking Society, the apparent chairman of the board was usually not the real person in charge, and the person in charge was probably just an insignificant a*sistant or accountant beside the chairman.

Just like this copper mine, when they were outside, it looked like the middle-aged man was the person in charge here, while the young man was his secretary, but once they arrived at the office, the young man immediately became the leader among them, and everyone looked up to him.

So, at the moment, this young man, too, seemed to have mistakenly thought that he, the special envoy’s a*sistant, was probably the real special envoy.