Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5060

The greeting men then quickly got into the front and rear cars, and the convoy quickly left the pier and drove towards the copper mine, which was only about a kilometre away from the pier.

The caravan circled the quay and in the blink of an eye reached the main gate of the mine, the automatic gates opening early to allow the three vehicles to drive in without slowing down.

The copper mine, on the outside, looked somewhat similar to the base of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, although it was much smaller in scale.

Although its interior did not look unusual, Ye Chen still found many hidden secret posts and fire points.

It could be seen that the place was very heavily guarded.

The caravan drove straight to an office building and stopped, and at that moment, there were already many people waiting downstairs.

The middle-aged man at the head of the group was well dressed and had the look of a big businessman.

Next to the middle-aged man, stood a young man wearing gla*ses. The young man was thin and tall, and looked very bookish.

However, Ye Chen found that the middle-aged man did not have much cultivation, not even a martial artist, but this young man with a strong bookish aura was also a Dark Realm expert, but his rank was relatively low, only two heavens of the Dark Realm.

Combined with Duan Liye’s previous confession, it was estimated that this middle-aged man should be the ostensible manager of this copper mine, while the young man beside him, who was an a*sistant in general, was probably the real controller of this place, the sectarian amba*sador as the seven primus guards put it.

Behind this young man, there were several other martial arts masters, although the strongest of these remaining ones was only an old man at the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm.

However, the expressions on the faces of these people at the moment were all tinged with a bit of trepidation, thinking that they too were all on tenterhooks over their last defeat.

After the car stopped, the young man who looked like an a*sistant took the lead and opened the car door for Ye Chen and Duan Liye respectfully.

As soon as Duan Liye got out of the car, the well-dressed man stepped forward and said respectfully, “Lord Special Envoy, you have worked hard!”

The young man from the First Sky of the Dark Realm also bowed slightly and said reverently, “Lord Envoy, you have worked hard!”

Those behind him bowed in unison and shouted, “Lord Envoy has worked hard!”

Duan Liye merely raised his hand and said indifferently, “Go in and talk.”

“Good! This way please!” The young man hurriedly made a respectful gesture of invitation, and then took a few quick steps to lead the way.

Duan Liye followed closely behind him, while the middle-aged man followed him and said, “Lord Envoy, our operation report for the recent period has been written, so please take the time to read it later.”

Duan Liye gave a hint and didn’t say much, this cold attitude made the middle-aged man even more nervous.

Ye Chen followed behind Duan Liye and took in the performance of these people. Seeing their fearful appearance, he relaxed in his heart.

The primus guards and the dead soldiers here must be having a hard time sleeping and eating these days, so this was the perfect time to turn them around!