Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5059

Subsequently, Ye Chen and Duan Liye came to the door and looked at the martial artist who was standing still like a wooden plank and said in a cold voice, “Listen, if anyone other than the two of us dares to enter this room, kill without amnesty!”

The other party was immediately controlled by Ye Chen’s psychological implication and immediately nodded respectfully, “My subordinate follows orders!”


When the two of them stepped out of the room, the outside had already started to get busy.

Most of the primus guards who were on guard had returned to the bridge building, and after the ship had stopped, they would take all the crew members into the engine room so that they would not spy on any clues.

The ship, at this point, was only a kilometre or two away from the pier.

Ye Chen and Duan Liye walked straight out of the bridge building and onto the top of the deck.

On the deck, two crew members and two primus guards were standing on the port side of the ship, waiting for the cable to be thrown to complete the docking.

Ye Chen could already see that the modest pier ahead of them was lit up with lights, and many trucks and loaders were already standing by at this point.

In addition to that, Ye Chen also saw a few small cars, thinking that they should be waiting to meet Duan Liye’s convoy.

The cargo ship started to reverse thrust when it was about to dock, and then the sailing speed quickly dropped and it leaned sideways to the pier.

Once the ship had come to a standstill, Duan Liye took the lead and made his way down the inner deck spiral ladder, while the hatch below had been opened by two crew members.

At the same time, the crane next to the cargo ship had started to move slowly, and it seemed that it was time to start unloading the cargo.

As Ye Chen had told Duan Liye to follow the normal handover method as before, Duan Liye, at this point, was fully into his usual rhythm of docking.

When he stepped out through the hatch, there were already a number of men waiting outside, and when he saw Duan Liye and Ye Chen walking down, the man at the head immediately said respectfully to Duan Liye, “Lord Special Envoy, you …… You’ve had a hard journey!”

Ye Chen could hear that the man’s tone carried a bit of nervousness and apprehension.

Looking at the others around him, each one was also nervous.

Ye Chen surmised that he should be apprehensive because of that defeat in Bergen a few days ago.

After all, Lin Wan’er was the person that Lord Ying had personally named, and as a result, their people had failed to complete the arduous task.

And now it happened to be time to deliver the antidote, and they were afraid that Lord Ying would repeat the tactics he used twenty years ago and put everyone in this base of theirs, to death.

Faced with the respect and apprehension of several people, Duan Liye only gave a faint muffled sound between his nostrils, and without even looking at the man, he walked straight towards the three small cars.

The man at the head of the group hurriedly took a few quick steps, rushed to the middle Mercedes and helped Duan Liye pull open the door, and then helped Ye Chen pull open the pa*senger door.

Duan Liye, who was dressed in black robes, took the lead and sat in the back of the car, while Ye Chen followed suit and got into the pa*senger seat.