Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5058

“Good.” Duan Liye said respectfully,”Generally, without any warning, we will receive a coordinate and a six-digit return code sent via satellite communication, the coordinate could be anywhere in Turkey,and we will rush over to receive it immediately after receiving the address.”

Saying that, Duan Liye added, “They usually choose a wilderness ridge to place the safe, since the coordinates are accurate to the meter, so after we arrive at the designated coordinates, we can soon find the location of the safe by trying to dig on the flat ground.”

“A wilderness ridge?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown.

It seemed that this gang’s process was indeed meticulous, a place like the wilderness, without any surveillance equipment, and the other party had chosen the location randomly first, so it was simply impossible to set up control in advance.

And by the time the other party had calmly planted the antidote, there would still be enough time to clear away all the clues before informing the other party of this coordinate.

It is even possible that the other side could have planted multiple safes in Turkey at once, only to announce the coordinates of one of them at intervals down the line.

In this way, it would be even more difficult to trace this line.

Then, Ye Chen asked, “Whenever you guys went over to receive the safe deposit boxes, did you find any traces left behind when they placed the safe deposit boxes?”

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head, “I also paid special attention to this, but every time I received the antidote, I didn’t find any traces, no footprints or wheel marks, either they had specially handled it when they left, or they had buried the safe long enough for the wind and sun to naturally cover up the traces they left, or it could be both. ”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but smack his lips and asked him, “What about after you find it? Want to give them feedback?”

“To.” Duan Liye said, “The safe has a pa*sword input area, but this area is not used to open the safe door, but to send a return receipt to the organization, as long as the correct return code is entered, the organization will be able to confirm that we have received it safely.”

Hearing this, Ye Chen didn’t know for a moment what kind of method he should use to catch this clue of the other party’s antidote.

At this time, the ship emitted a very piercing whistle, while the speed of the ship also slowed down quite a bit, which made Ye Chen realise that the ship was about to dock.

So, he immediately threw the antidote that Duan Liye had brought back into his wardrobe and wrapped himself in one of the black robes, then he said to Duan Liye, “I will disguise myself as your deputy and go to the copper mine with you.

Duan Liye nodded without thinking: “As you wish!”

After saying that, he also took a black robe and skilfully put it over his body and covered his head completely with a huge hood.

Ye Chen followed suit and used the hood of the black robe to cover his head.

He found that the hood of the black robe was very wide and the fabric of the hood was light and sandy, so even if the hood covered his face, it did not obstruct his vision.