Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5055

Only, Ye Chen did not know if this sister-in-law and her two daughters were on the Qing Breaking Society’s kill list in the first place.

If they were also on it, then I wonder if this young aunt-in-law herself was clear in her heart.

However, judging from the fact that at the last moment, she was determined to bite her teeth and choose to commit suicide, her heart had not escaped the control of the Society even to her death.

It was likely that her suicide was to protect her family members who were still under the control of the Society.

This, too, was what Ye Chen felt was the most powerful aspect of the Qing Breaking Society.

Just as Ye Chen was feeling emotional in his heart, someone knocked on the door and said respectfully outside the door, “Lord Envoy, in half an hour, our ship will be docking.”

Ye Chen sensed that this person was not a martial arts expert, so he said to Duan Liye in a very low voice, “Send him away.”

Duan Liye nodded and spoke, “Alright, I know, you go and get busy.”

“As you wish!” The other party answered and turned around to leave this floor.

Ye Chen then asked Duan Liye, “These people on the boat, are they all your people?”

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head, “The bodyguards on this ship are all Turkish primus guards, as for these crew members, they are all some peripheral members who are only responsible for driving the ship, they don’t know anything about the specifics.”

Ye Chen pointed to the man standing motionless in the corridor inside the door and asked him, “What is he?”

Duan Liye said, “He’s my second-in-command.”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Your deputy, do you usually still have to satisfy your needs in that area?”

Duan Liye replied, “He wanted to join the Huben Battalion, but to join the Huben Battalion, he needed a recommendation from someone who had been trained in the Huben Battalion, so that’s why I used that as a condition to ask him to satisfy my ……”

Ye Chen held out a hand to interrupt him, “Alright, you don’t need to say anything.”

Duan Liye immediately shut his mouth.

Ye Chen then asked, “Is there any way you can get me to blend into the copper mine with you in a while?”

Without thinking, Duan Liye said, “This is simple, you just need to wrap up in a black robe with me.”

“Black robe?”

“Right.” Duan Liye stood up, took off two black robes from the hanger behind the door and said to Ye Chen, “Because I am a special envoy, my true face is only visible to my superiors and my deputies, in front of the rest of the organisation, I am wrapped in robes so that no one can see any features.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked again, “The person in charge of the copper mines in Cyprus, have you ever seen your true face?”