Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5053

“If they continue to make significant contributions, then they can even bail out all of their loved ones, once their family member is bailed out, then their family member doesn’t have to do anything and can regain their freedom to a certain extent, as long as they don’t threaten the safety of the Broken Clear Society, they can go wherever they want and do whatever they want, but the poison in their body can’t be cured, they can only upgrade from taking the antidote once a week to taking it once every six months.”

“If they contribute enough, they can even redeem themselves, and after that, the Broken Clear Society will give them a generous sum of money to let them and their families take care of themselves, but it’s still the same premise, not threatening the safety of the Broken Clear Society, while taking the medicine regularly.”

Speaking here, Duan Liye added, “Because of this mechanism in place, every Primus will try to have three children, or even multiples of three, and every child who is sent to study will have a huge sense of responsibility instilled in them from a young age by their parents and older siblings, making them realise from a young age that they are on a mission to change the fate of their entire family, so almost all of these children are academic bully, once they enter society they are in the elite cla*s, these people don’t have to be surprised who they marry or marry to, maybe the pillow of any billionaire is the offspring of a primus inter pares.”

Saying that, Duan Liye continued, “However, these descendants of the Primus Guards have a special term in the Broken Qing Society, called the Scholar.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but laugh dumbly and asked him, “It’s the ancient scholar who took the imperial examinations?”

“Right.” Duan Liye said, “The ancients say that no one asks questions under the window for ten years, but once you become famous, the world will know, whether it’s the ancient scholar or the scholar of the Broken Qing Society, all of them are trying desperately to change their lives and make the cla*s leap by studying and taking exams.”

Ye Chen nodded gently, thinking in his heart, “I originally thought that my brother-in-law had to be a descendant of a ‘Jin Yi Wei’ at high or low, but according to him, my brother-in-law, odds are that she is a ‘scholar’, odds are having studied hard for more than ten years, with a mission to save the whole family, was placed in some university to get close to that brother-in-law of mine ……”

“Moreover, the fact that she managed to marry into the An family is proof enough that she is definitely at the top of the group of ‘scholar’.”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen also couldn’t help but feel a little chill at his back.

Although the Broken Qing Society was not well known, it had actually spread its power all over the world, and had already completed its infiltration of the upper cla*s society.

God knows how many of the global tycoons on the Forbes Rich List are actually the other half of this organisation’s “bookies”.

Moreover, even if some “scholar” married the richest man in the world, the Society would still have absolute control over her through the poison in her and her family’s bodies and the antidote in its own hands.

Moreover, this chain of control has already formed a closed loop, which is invulnerable and unbreakable ……