Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5052

“Leaving the primus status means that this offspring can grow up without having to practice martial arts, but instead receive a formal education within the Broken Clear Society from a young age, and it is a basic education wherever the person is, for example, in Turkey it is four years of primary school, four years of secondary school and four years of high school, so that child learns all the content of primary and secondary school within the Broken Clear Society, and after getting legal status in high school, he or she local public high school, then normal university entrance exams, after graduating from university, they can directly go through the social recruitment channel to work in the enterprises within our closed loop, and gradually be trained to be the successor of different enterprises.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Why are they sent out to study at high school?”

Duan Liye replied, “Children who are too young lack self-restraint, and if they are allowed to go to a social school, it is easy to say more than one thing and make more than one mistake, so the Broken Qing Society will first educate them internally, teaching them academics while having their parents constantly reinforce their sense of secrecy, and after the children start going out to high school, they will start giving them medicine so that they also have a strong poison in their bodies in order to ensure control.”

One is that they don’t need to practice martial arts hard, and the other is that they don’t have to take the antidote once a week, but once every six months, like me, and if they study well and do have real talent, they will be able to live in society as white-collar elites, or even famous entrepreneurs, after they take over businesses in the future. living in conditions that are far better than those of the Primus.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he could not help but realize.

In that case, it seemed that his brother-in-law, and her family, should not be considered high-end members in the Broken Qing Society, and were probably also descendants of the Primus Guards, except that they had the opportunity to live a normal life in the real world.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen asked Duan Liye, “During your years in the Qing Breaking Society, have you ever heard of the Qing Breaking Society sending people into society, and then deliberately letting that person get close to a particular person and get married, making them become undercover agents planted by the Qing Breaking Society on the other side?”

“I have heard of it.” Duan Liye nodded and said, “This kind of thing is normal, after the children of these Primus Guards are sent into society, the Qing Breaking Society will set up a point system for them, as long as they create contributions for the Qing Breaking Society they will be able to increase their points, the greater the contribution, the more points they will have;”

“If the points can reach a certain level, then they will be able to use the points to bail one of their family members out of the Primus;”