Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5051

“Many.” Duan Liye replied, “There are also gas companies, large farms and shipyards in Turkey, in addition to that, there are also some garment processing factories, stone processing factories, basically all walks of life, and the overall market value is around eighty billion dollars.”

In Turkey, with a total market capitalisation of US$80 billion, it can already be fully described as a super business empire, and this is only the industries under the responsibility of one of the deputy governors of one of the five military capitals under the Broken Clear Society.

If it was any deputy governor who was divided to the economically developed Western Europe, the closed loop he was responsible for might have a market value of over hundreds of billions of dollars.

In this way, I am afraid that the strength of the a*sets of a single right viceroy would have easily surpa*sed the Ye family.

Ye Chen suddenly thought of his brother-in-law again and hastily asked, “What is the public identity of your Vice Governor in the community? Will it be disguised as a business tycoon?”

“No.” Duan Liye shook his head and said, “The official position of the deputy governor is that of the governor’s colleague, and below that there is the governor’s commander (qiān), and then there is a special envoy like me, and from the special envoy upwards, one should never have a well-known identity in society, and generally keep a very low profile. That’s why I came to Cyprus with the ship in name only, and our deputy governor’s public identity is that of an accountant at the copper refinery.”

“Accountant?!” Ye Chen frowned and spoke, “In that case, the head of the copper refinery, on the contrary, has a lower status in this closed loop of yours?”

“Right.” Duan Liye nodded, “The chairman is just pretending, as for the heads of the other industries, they are all just spokesmen arranged within the Broken Qing Society, and many of them are the sons of the primus inter pares.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Sons of the Primus Guards?”

“Right.” Duan Liye added, “Below this closed loop of ours, there are at least fifty enterprises.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Since you are so concerned about secrecy, these fifty-odd enterprises, how do you manage them to ensure that you do not reveal secrets? It can’t be that all the employees of these fifty enterprises are your own people, right?”

Duan Liye shook his head, “Most of the enterprises have no explicit relationship with each other, as well as with the deputy governor, and moreover, each enterprise is not all our people, we don’t have that many gra*sroots staff, but the people openly in charge of each enterprise are all descendants of the primus inter pares.”

“The descendants of the primus inter pares?” Ye Chen pursued, “Why are they descendants of the Primus Guards?”

Duan Liye replied, “Because the primus guards were all promoted from dead soldiers who had performed well and even had meritorious service, so the Broken Qing Society, in order to give these primus guards a sense of psychological superiority compared to dead soldiers, specifically allowed them to have their third child break away from their primus guard status after every three children.”