Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4608

Ye Chen said with certainty, “I’m sure! It’s because of dropping the phone.”

Saying that, Ye Chen was busy saying, “Just now Miss Manqiong’s phone fell on the ground and the back cover cracked, I meant to go and buy a new one, but she said she only wanted this one, I said go and get a new back cover, she said she wanted the original seal, I said buy a phone case to cover it, she still didn’t want to, I didn’t know how to persuade her… …”

As soon as Fei Ke Xin heard this, she instantly understood that Liu Manqiong was not crying at all because her phone had fallen.

So, she then said to Ye Chen, “Aiya, Mr. Ye, you still don’t understand us girls, we girls are not as strong in action as boys, so you can’t just propose a solution, you have to help solve it directly, I see that there are people selling some mobile phone accessories or something at the entrance of the shopping mall across the road, you should hurry up and buy a mobile phone case according to the style of Miss Manqiong’s phone. .”

As soon as Ye Chen heard this, he said without thinking, “Okay, you stay with Miss Manqiong, I’ll go buy one.”

After saying that, he got up and ran out.

Only after Ye Chen had gone far away did Fei Ke Xin take Liu Manqiong’s hand and ask her with a smile, “Did you know about Mr. Ye being married? It’s alright, I already knew about it.”

Liu Manqiong’s body trembled as she raised her head to look at Fei Ke Xin, nodded gently and said in a resigned voice, “He never told me before this ……”

Fei Ke Xin asked, “So what if he told you? He told you and you won’t fall in love with him?”

Liu Manqiong’s voice was choked but her tone was firm, “If he had told me earlier, I would have kept my distance from him from the beginning, what I hate most in my life is a third party, even if I did fall in love with him, I would never have gone near him ……”

Fei Ke Xin smiled and said, “You, think too much! You are so innocent and lovely, how could you be a third party?”

Liu Manqiong asked in disbelief, “He is married, if I still get close to him, wouldn’t I be a third party? What does this have to do with being clean …… innocent and cute ……”

Fei Ke Xin looked at her and asked with a smile, “You just met him and you’re a third party? Then where did you put me?”

“Huh?” Liu Manqiong was a bit dumbfounded to hear this and asked her, “Miss Fei …… you …… what do you mean by that?”

Fei Ke Xin laughed, “Look, even if it’s according to first come first served, then I should be in front of you, ah, if I’m the third party, then you’re the fourth.”

Saying that, Fei Ke Xin smiled to herself and added, “It’s just a pity that even I can’t be ranked as the third party ah, I might be seventh and eighth at best, or tenth or tenth one, two, three, four, five, six, seven ……”

Liu Manqiong asked, dumbfounded, “Miss Fei …… you …… you also like Mr. Ye?!”

Fei Ke Xin bristled and said seriously, “More than like ah, I love him very much okay?”

Said Fei Kexin and added, “If I didn’t love him, why would I fly all the way from America to come here?”

“I just took over the Fei family, I had to familiarise myself with many things, I had to meet with different business leaders, read financial statements of different companies and sort out the development plans of different companies every day, I was so busy, if it wasn’t because I had him in my heart, why would I have put aside so many important things and come to Hong Kong Island to eat roadside stalls with him? Wasn’t it because I wanted to see him?”

“Ah?!” She had never seen such a frank girl before, and she had never seen such an open-minded girl before.

She couldn’t help but ask, “But didn’t you already know that he was married ……”

When Fei Kexin heard this , she said, “Whether he is married or not is his business, whether I love him or not is my business, besides, if true love really comes, can I stop it if I am married or not?”