Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4601

When Liu Manqiong heard this, her expression immediately became not quite normal, stammering and saying, “Why should I go to find out his information ……”

Liu Jiahui looked at Liu Manqiong and said with a smile, “Manqiong you remember, between men and women, if you want to develop in a good way, must not have a fighting, gambling mentality, must be he pays attention to you, you double response, he ignores you, you thick skin also have to take the initiative to find him, absolutely not because of their own heart that little emotion, in the heart of gambling!”

Said, Liu Jiahui added: “He does not look for you, you do not look for him, even if he comes to you, you have to put up a posture, in this way, even if there is a destiny, there is a chance, it will be tossed away by you!”

Liu Manqiong’s heart was instantly poked by these words of Liu Jiahui, but the strong woman slyly argued on the surface, “Dad, I have no idea about Ye Chen in this regard, besides I have no possibility with him, how can I be with a man who makes my father kneel down to him?”

Liu Jiahui said with a stifled expression, “Aiya! If you can really be with him, what’s it matter if your dad kneels down to him? Even if you kowtow to him, it’s not a problem!”

After saying that, Liu Jiahui added, “Besides, we have to talk about things and be realistic. I kneeled to Ye Chen because I had offended him and had to pray for his forgiveness, which was something that could not be helped, and frankly speaking, I was to blame. But if you could develop a bit with Ye Chen, would he also be fine with me kneeling to him?”

Liu Manqiong frowned, “The reason you’re saying that is purely because you fancy Ye Chen’s strength.”

“Right.” Liu Jiahui said very frankly, “Manqiong, you are my first child, and it was you who made me experience the feeling of being a father for the first time, something that your younger siblings have no way of comparing to, and based on that, I could never harm you, let alone sacrifice you for my own benefit, so, to me, if you don’t have feelings for Ye Chen, even if Ye Chen’s strength is stronger , I wouldn’t push you into the fire, but the problem is, you clearly have feelings for Ye Chen, in that case, why not try to make it work both ways?”

Liu Manqiong said in some panic, “I …… I really don’t …… I’ve only known Ye Chen for a few days ……”

Fang Jiaxin at the side couldn’t help but speak up, “Manqiong, this little thought of yours can’t even be hidden from my eyes, let alone your father’s.”

Liu Manqiong was slightly stunned, and in her heart she also understood the meaning of Fang Jiaxin’s words.

Dad had long been experienced in this area, and this little thought of his was probably as transparent to him.

At this time, Fang Jiaxin welcomed the relief in Liu Manqiong’s expression and hurriedly added: “Manqiong, if you really have feelings for Ye Chen, don’t let today’s incident delay you, Ye Chen probably won’t stay long before he leaves, you have to seize the opportunity, don’t leave regrets!”

Liu Manqiong couldn’t help but gently bite her lower lip with the tips of her teeth, her entire heart was incomparably torn.

She was indeed very angry with Ye Chen, but Ye Chen had also really been lingering in her mind.

So, she subconsciously took out Fei Ke Xin’s business card, looked at it for half a day, and opened her mouth and said to the two of them, “I’ll go back to my room first.”

Seeing that Liu Manqiong seemed to be convinced by herself, Liu Jiahui also breathed a sigh of relief and said to Fang Jiaxin, “I’m going to call the Huo family’s old man and ask him what price to offer for that villa.”


The other side.

Ye Chen did not accompany Chen Zhaozhong’s family to Sha Ling.

He felt that Chen Zhaozhong, a wanderer who had been wandering around for twenty years, had finally returned home and should have a good get-together with his family.

If he, an outsider, was there, not only would it affect their family reunion, but it would also make them walk on thin ice because of the so-called favours.

Therefore, he asked Wan Bajun to arrange for two cars, with him taking the lead, to carry Chen Zhaozhong’s family to the Sandy Ridge Cemetery.

As for Ye Chen himself, he was ready to go to Fei Ke Xin, having promised to treat her to dinner in the evening as a thank you, he naturally could not go back on his word.

So, he called Fei Ke Xin.