Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4595

“Ahem …… Miss, did you just say that you love the house?!”

Yuan Zixu looked at Fei Ke Xin in surprise, not expecting her to say it so lightly.

Fei KeXin welcomed Yuan Zixu’s astonished look and laughed, “Master Yuan, you are at least a martial arts master with ears to hear all directions, I just said my words so clearly, did you not hear them clearly?”

Yuan Zixu was busy saying, “No no …… I just didn’t expect this to come out of your mouth Missy, I was a bit surprised ……”

Fei Ke Xin smiled and said seriously, “Master Yuan need not be surprised, I’m not the only one who likes Mr. Ye, did you notice that Miss Liu just now, how sultry she looked at Mr. Ye, a woman, how sultry she looked at a man, how much she loved him in her heart.”

Yuan Zixu nodded and laughed, “You are right about that ……”

Fei Ke Xin couldn’t help but sigh, “Aiya, Mr. Ye has only been on Hong Kong Island for two days, I’m not surprised that in two days she likes to have Mr. Ye, but in two days she can make Mr. Ye’s heart ache, I really didn’t expect that.”

Yuan Zixu was surprised and asked, “How come I didn’t see that Mr. Ye was heartbroken about that Miss Liu?”

Fei Ke Xin smiled and said, “That’s probably because you didn’t observe carefully enough.”

Yuan Zixu smiled to himself and then asked Fei Kexin, “Miss, since you also like Mr. Ye, then Miss Liu is your rival, why do you take the initiative to make friends with her?”

Fei Ke Xin laughed, “If Mr. Ye was not married, then she would be my rival in love, but the problem is that Mr. Ye is already married, so she is my comrade, my comrade, my sister.”

Saying that, she added, “There is an adjective between men called difficult brother and difficult sister, and she and I, too, are considered difficult sisters and difficult sisters.”

Yuan Zixu was dumbfounded by Fei Kexin’s bluntness, but on second thought, it was only natural that this young lady, who was no ordinary woman, should act in such a dashing and straightforward manner.

Thinking of this, he said casually, “Miss, it is said that Mr. Ye has many confidantes, the big star Gu Qiuyi, Su Zhiyu of the Su family and Ito Nanaiko of the Ito family, all of whom are heirs to great families like you.”

“Right.” Fei Ke Xin sighed, “What you said, and that’s just a small number of them, there are so many contenders! And each and every one of them looks so powerful, I don’t seem to have any advantages at all other than being a bit smart ……”

Saying that, she turned her head to Yuan Zixu and asked, “Master Yuan, do you think there’s any surprising way to win here?”

“Cough cough ……” Yuan Zixu coughed lightly in embarra*sment and spoke, “Miss, to be honest, Mr. Ye is a strange man, not at all something that someone like me can guess, in terms of intelligence, you are much smarter than me, if you can’t even If you can’t think of any surprising ways to win, I can’t even do it.”

Fei Ke Xin said helplessly, “If it is how to refuse a man to chase me, then I am definitely experienced, but how to chase a man, I am not experienced at all ……”

After saying that, she sighed and shook her head, “Forget it, it’s a long road, take your time.”

Speaking of this, Fei Ke Xin couldn’t help but mutter softly, “I see Mr. Ye seemed quite helpless when he was leaving, right now it would be good to help Mr. Ye and Miss Liu clear their differences first.”

Yuan Zixu was even more puzzled: “Eldest Miss, what kind of chess are you playing here ……”

I don’t have any other ideas, I just give my heart and soul to Mr. Ye, even if I don’t end up on the podium, at least I’ll be repaying the favor.”


At this moment.

Ye Chen and Chen Zhaozhong were sitting in the car driven by Wan Xiaojun, speeding to the church hospital.