Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4587

Faced with Liu Manqiong’s questioning, Ye Chen no longer covered up and asked Liu Manqiong, “Miss Liu, do you know that your father once promised a man named Ye Changye more than twenty years ago that he would not look for trouble with a young man named Chen Zhaozhong, but not long after that, Ye Changye pa*sed away due to an accident, and your father immediately broke his promise, so much so that Chen Zhaozhong remained in Chinatown for over twenty years?”

Liu Manqiong’s entire eyes widened as she looked at Ye Chen with an incredulous expression and asked him, “You …… What is your relationship with these two people?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Ye Chang Ying is my father, while Chen Zhao Zhong, is my father’s friend.”

When Liu Manqiong heard this news, she only felt her scalp instantly explode, her eyes stared intently at Ye Chen and choked up, “In other words, you came to Hong Kong Island and stayed in our family, not to talk about any cooperation with my father at all, you are deliberately approaching our family, waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge on my father ……”

She said, her eyes instantly reddened, and her tears couldn’t help but come out of her eyes, asking softly, “So from the first time we met until we parted at noon today, you were just acting, right?”

Ye Chen was suddenly stared at by Liu Manqiong’s desolate eyes, and he subconsciously explained, “It’s true that I was acting, but I was only acting in front of Liu Jiahui.”

With tears in her eyes, Liu Manqiong questioned, “When you were in front of me, weren’t you acting?! If you weren’t acting, why did you hide your true identity as well as your true intentions?!”

Ye Chen looked at Chen Zhao Zhong beside him and said indifferently, “The reason why I hid my identity and my intentions was to wait until today to get justice for Uncle Zhong, you should know how much effort your father has made to get Uncle Zhong’s life, if I didn’t come, Uncle Zhong might have been a*sa*sinated right out of this airport gate!”

Liu Manqiong looked over in the direction of Ye Chen’s eyes, and when she saw Chen Zhao Zhong, her whole person was inevitably a little ashamed.

She then looked at Chen Zhaozhong, bowed deeply and said very apologetically, “Mr. Chen, I have heard about my father’s attempt to kill you before, and I have advised him many times about this matter over the past years, but he has always put it off on the excuse that your whereabouts are unknown, and it is only today that I learned from others that you have returned to Hong Kong Island, which is why I I rushed over here to make it clear to my father so that he can no longer make things difficult for you no matter what.”

Saying this, she glanced at Ye Chen again and said sorrowfully, “It’s just that I didn’t expect that after rushing over, I would be in such a situation now ……”

As soon as Liu Jiahui heard this, he immediately cried and said, “Manqiong …… Dad really knows that he is wrong, please plead with Mr. Ye properly, as long as you give dad a chance to reform, dad is willing to bear any price ……”

Liu Manqiong sighed and looked at Ye Chen, pursed her lips and pleaded, “Mr. Ye, I beg you not to make things too difficult for my father for the sake of not making any big mistakes ……”

Liu Manqiong looked at Liu Jiahui and added, “My father, although he is not very decent and his character outside is not good, he is after all old ……”

“And …… I know him very well as a daughter. Although he is not a good person, he is not an evil person either. Compared to a truly evil person like Hong Yuanshan, he is just a bit narrow-minded and profit-oriented, but he has never really harmed anyone’s life. This time, thanks to your intervention, my father did not make a big mistake …… ”

Liu Jiahui did not expect that he would be such an image in his daughter’s eyes.

But he himself knows very well in his heart, what his daughter said, every word is true.