Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4585

Ye Chen’s words scared Liu Jiahui so much that his eyes doubled and he directly fainted.

Fang Jiaxin beside him hurriedly reached out to hold him up, holding his head and shaking it while shouting hoarsely in his ear, “Jiahui what’s wrong with you Jiahui, wake up quickly Jiahui, don’t scare me ……”

With a few screams from Fang Jiaxin, Liu Jiahui woke up with a start, and the first thing he did when he woke up was to look up at Ye Chen and said in tears, “Mr. Ye, you’re killing me! 20 billion in 10 years, or dollars, how can I get it out ……”

He said, painfully crying, “It’s true that I was wrong about Liu Jiahui back then, but you can’t take advantage of the situation and ask me for so much money! You might as well kill me if you want so much money from me! If you kill me, my inheritance can still be left to Manqiong and my other children, but if I were to say yes to you, I would be left with nothing, and their future would also be penniless!”

Ye Chen smiled coldly and said indifferently, “Eh, I think that’s a very good idea you have!”

After saying that, Ye Chen said with a serious face, “I’m not going to hide it from you, I’m already the head of the Ye family now, and I still have the Dihao Group, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, Issu Shipping and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall in my hands, there’s no place to spend all the money, so there’s no point in asking you for this amount!”

“Besides, if I really take your money and stop pursuing you, then I, as a son, will not be able to give my father a piece of my mind, but instead take his dignity in exchange for money, and when I die, I won’t be able to face him in the next spring!”

“So, the best solution to this matter is for you to die to thank your father, not only will you have an explanation to my father, you will also have an explanation to Uncle Zhong, and like you said earlier, your a*sets will not be affected in any way if you die, and your children will also be able to get your entire inheritance, so all will be happy.”


Liu Jiahui was instantly frozen in place.

He had originally wanted to take on the air of a broken jar and a dead bird facing upwards to force Ye Chen to lower his price.

But who would have thought that, judging from Ye Chen’s performance, he would prefer to die himself ……

If so, wouldn’t the cruel words he just said hit Ye Chen’s heart?

Just when Liu Jiahui was so terrified that he did not know what to do, Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun at the side, “Bajun, I really did not expect that Mr. Liu would have such courage, since he intends to die to thank for his crime, then you should find a suitable time to fulfill him!”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun blurted out, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, my subordinates will definitely make the right arrangements!”

Liu Jiahui was already scared out of his wits, and at that moment, Ye Chen spoke again to Wan Bajun, “However, I have a request, you must listen carefully!”

Wan Bajun clasped his hands together and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, please give me your command!”

Ye Chen said very seriously, “I am indeed impressed that Mr. Liu has such vigour, so when you send him on his way, don’t make it too difficult for him, it would be best if you can make him go faster and reduce his pain as much as possible, it would also be a point of respect for him from me, Ye Chen.”

Wan Bajun immediately said, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye, my subordinate will definitely make Mr. Liu go painlessly!”

Liu Jiahui was so frightened that he almost pa*sed out, and at this time, Ye Chen said to Fang Jiaxin, “Mrs. Liu, after Mr. Liu is gone, I still hope that you, as the survivor, can give him a beautiful burial, and make sure to buy Mr. Liu the best cemetery in the whole Hong Kong Island.”

Fang Jiaxin was also dumbfounded as she choked out, “Ye …… Mr. Ye …… I …… I have no dominion over the Liu family, in terms of property ah ……”