Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4584

With Zhong Yunqiu’s previous experience, he could still offer a price of two billion dollars for twenty years, this was clearly a case of wanting money without life.

However, Ye Chen did not really want his money either.

To him, he only had two demands now, one was to make Liu Jiahui pay for breaking his promise to his father back then, and the other was for him to come up with compensation for Uncle Zhong.

The second thing could be solved with money, but the first thing, by no means, was about money.

He, Ye Chen, would not use his father’s name to go to Liu Jiahui to recklessly enrich himself either.

In Ye Chen’s view, the first matter must be to make Liu Jiahui pay a price other than money, including but not limited to personality, dignity and physical punishment.

Only, he did not want to let Liu Jiahui breathe a sigh of relief so quickly yet, this matter, he must first give Liu Jiahui enough oppression to scare him half to death first, and then finally give him a little chance to breathe.

So, Ye Chen looked at him and said in a cold voice, “Liu Jiahui, who do you think is more guilty, you or Zhong Yunqiu?”

Ye Chen’s words made Liu Jiahui so frightened that even his lips were pale, living like a living dead man who had just finished painting his deathly makeup.

What he feared the most was Ye Chen asking such words.

This also meant that Ye Chen’s punishment for him would have to be benchmarked against Zhong Yunqiu.

“If my crime is less than Zhong Yunqiu’s, that’s fine, but if my crime is greater than Zhong Yunqiu’s, then my compensation amount must not be lower than Zhong Yunqiu’s standard either.”

“That’s ten billion dollars for ten years …… And it’s still in US dollars …… Fang Jiaxin has been with me for so many years and I haven’t given her $100 million, this Ye suddenly sprang out and asked me to come up with so much money, this is more unbearable than taking my life ……”

“But …… But he is so powerful, how can I mess with him? Not to mention the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, even Hong Yuan Shan of the Hong Sect I can’t stand up to!”

Thinking of this, Liu Jiahui’s entire body was trembling like chaff in fear.

At this moment, he did not know how to answer Ye Chen’s question at all.

Because he knew very well in his heart that he had turned his back on Ye Chen’s dead father, which was tantamount to disrespecting his father, and by definition, this sin was much greater than Zhong Yunqiu’s incompetence in teaching his son! More than twice as great!

But how could he say such a thing?

Once the words were out, it would be a huge amount of money!

When he thought of this, Liu Jiahui, who loved money as much as his life, broke down and cried, and with a snotty nose and tears, he begged, “Mr. Ye …… I beg you to give me a chance to atone for my sins with practical actions for the sake of my repentance, I would like to kneel in front of your father’s grave for three days and nights as an expression of my repentance, and also pray that if he knows in heaven, he can forgive me for the mistakes I made when I was young ……”

After saying that, he looked at Chen Zhao Zhong and said seriously, “Having delayed Ah Zhong’s youth for twenty years, I would like to compensate him for twenty years of income at the highest income of professional managers in the whole Hong Kong Island!”

Ye Chen listened to laugh out loud: “Aiya Mr. Liu, you can really calculate a good account, the highest income of professional managers in the whole Hong Kong Island can not be more than one or two hundred million Hong Kong dollars a year, you this twenty years will be four or five billion Hong Kong dollars to the end, you just now also said twenty years two billion dollars, now it has become less than one billion dollars, you this money is still more and more reported less and less is it? ”

Liu Jiahui’s body trembled in fear and he hurriedly said, “No, no, no, I don’t mean that Mr. Ye, I’m willing to kneel on your father’s grave for three days and three nights, and then take out two billion dollars in twenty years!”

Ye Chen looked at him, smiled playfully and deliberately scared him, “I’ll make a price, twenty billion dollars for ten years, if you agree, we’ll talk down the road, if you don’t, we don’t need to talk!”