Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4577

Hearing this voice, Chen Zhao Zhong’s whole body trembled.

He then raised his head and met the direction where the voice came from, and he suddenly found that Ye Chen was looking at him with a smile on his face.

He was stunned speechless for a moment, and only after a long time did he mutter: “Young Master Ye …… You …… What brings you here?”

Ye Chen looked at Chen Zhaozhong and couldn’t help but be a little surprised in his heart, because in just a few days of not seeing him, Chen Zhaozhong had become much older and disheveled.

I thought that he must have been suffering a lot recently as well.

So, with a slight smile, Ye Chen said casually, “I have been here for a few days now, and I can’t just ignore such a big event as your return home. I came to Hong Kong this time to make sure that you return home unharmed and that no one dares to touch you from now on.”

Chen Zhao Zhong was busy saying, “Young Master Ye …… Liu Jiahui took out $30 million in dark flowers and is bent on buying my life, it’s dangerous for you to come and pick me up at this time ……”

“Not dangerous.” Ye Chen smiled, pointed to Wan Breaking Jun beside him and said, “Uncle Zhong, let me introduce to you, this is the Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Wan Breaking Jun, if anyone dares to kill you today, or dares to stop you from going home, I will definitely make him pay a painful price.”

Wan Bajun said respectfully from the side, “Uncle Zhong, don’t worry, with me and Mr. Ye around, absolutely no one on Hong Kong Island will dare to make a move against you!”

Chen Zhao Zhong was instantly grateful beyond words, his eyes were red as he did his best to hold back his tears and choked back a sob, “Young Master Ye …… I have never had the chance to repay the kindness I owe to Young Master Chang Ying, and now I owe you such kindness, I am really ashamed of it ……”

At this point, he looked at Ye Chen and said very firmly, “Young Master Ye, from now on, as long as there is any place you can still use, my old bones, I will definitely have no second thoughts!”

Earlier on, Ye Chen had indeed wanted to take Chen Zhao Zhong under his wing and let him help him run more and more of his capital and industries.

But now, he only wanted to help this wanderer, who had been away from his hometown for more than 20 years, to return home unharmed.

The rest, it didn’t matter.

So he turned and asked Wan Bajun, “Bajun, are all the things I asked you to prepare in advance ready?”

“Back to Mr. Ye, they are all ready.” Wan Bajun responded respectfully and then winked at a man in plain clothes in the crowd, who immediately walked over with a 20-inch suitcase.

The man handed the suitcase to Wan Bajun and said very respectfully, “Mr. Ye, Hall Master, everything is here.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said to Chen Zhao Zhong, “Uncle Zhong, there’s a brand new outfit for you in here, and a razor for you, I’ll take you to the bathroom to get ready and take you to meet the two deceased people later.”

Chen Zhao Zhong was shocked and couldn’t help but ask, “Young Master Ye, you wouldn’t be …… wouldn’t have got Liu Jiahui and Fang Jiaxin under control, would you?!”

Chen Zhao Zhong knew that since Ye Chen had said that he would help him solve the problem of returning home, he must have already had contact with Liu Jiahui in advance.

After he heard that this young man beside Ye Chen was the famous Wan Bajun, his heart was worried that Ye Chen would use violent means against Liu Jiahui.

When he heard Ye Chen say that he was going to take him to see his two deceased friends, he became even more worried that Liu Jiahui and Fang Jiaxin were already under Ye Chen’s control.

Although he had always known that Liu Jiahui’s desire to kill him would not die, he himself had no desire to let Liu Jiahui die.