Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4566

Hong Yuanshan hurriedly bowed and said, “Mr. Ye, then I will leave first!”

After saying that, he pulled Yang Tiansheng up and threw him to the junior disciple behind him, ordering, “Keep an eye on him, and don’t let him talk nonsense when you go out later.”

“As you command, Sect Master!” The junior brother responded respectfully, and then the two men stood Yang Tiansheng up left and right and took him out of Liu Jiahui’s office.

At this time, Ye Chen said to Xue Shiyue, and the other girl, “You guys should also go back, remember what you saw and heard today, don’t tell anyone.”

Xue Shiyue nodded her head repeatedly, while the other girl at the side also nodded her head like a garlic.

Xue Shiyue had been saved twice by Ye Chen, so naturally she would not tell anyone about Ye Chen, and the other girl who had been brought along with her did not dare to offend Ye Chen in the slightest because she was full of scruples towards him.

After the two girls left, Liu Jiahui couldn’t help but feel in his heart, “Yang Tiansheng originally wanted to introduce me to two young newcomers today, which is indeed meaningful enough, but I didn’t expect that just by coming up for a trip, he would lose his company ……”

After Hong Yuanshan came back from a trip to the doorway of the ghost gate, he was not only absolutely in awe of Ye Chen, but more importantly, he had become 100% obedient. Leaving such a person on Hong Kong Island and in Hongmen, almost instantly gave Ye Chen a huge base in Hong Kong Island ……”

Thinking of Yang Tiansheng again, his heart was even more sighing: “This guy, Tiansheng, is also really blind, today he actually took the initiative to send his door, directly as the object of Ye Chen’s training, it seems that in the future if he still wants to stay in Hong Kong Island, he can only hold his tail and be a man ……”

Ye Chen saw Liu Jiahui’s eyes slipping around, seemingly thinking about something in his head, so he smiled and asked, “What is Mr. Liu thinking about, so engrossed.”

Liu Jiahui came back to his senses and quickly said, “Nothing …… It’s nothing, I just think that Mr. Ye’s move of leaving Hong Yuan Shan behind is really wonderful, just this one step has revived your situation in the whole Hong Kong Island.”

The only way to make sure that the money provided by Zhong Yunqiu will be received on time is to keep Hong Yuanshan as a dog that can bite him at all times. I always thought that with Mr. Liu’s character, he would not care to be a*sociated with such people.”

Liu Jiahui hastily waved his hand and said, “Mr. Ye misunderstood, I have no friendship with Yang Tiansheng per se ……”

Ye Chen smiled, “Let’s not mention these.”

Saying that, Ye Chen asked him, “Does Mr. Liu know why I gave Yang Tiansheng’s entertainment company, to Hong Yuanshan to take care of?”

Liu Jiahui shook his head and subconsciously asked, “Mr. Ye should think that he is more controllable?”

Ye Chen laughed: “Not really, I just simply can’t see that bit of crap in the entertainment industry.”

He said, “I have heard about Yang Tiansheng’s business and the gossip in it, but it’s just a bunch of unpleasant gossip, so if I really put his business under my name, it’s like taking a concubine, I really can’t afford that.”

“I would rather get close to everything with a kook like Hong Yuanshan than have any contact with most of the stars in the entertainment industry who are not what they appear to be. Moreover, in my opinion, those rich people who immediately extend their eyes and arms and legs to the entertainment industry and hang out with stars of the opposite sex all day long after they become rich, their pattern is not quite enough by and large, a truly rich person should know what cleanliness is. ”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Liu Jiahui and smiled, “What the real entertainment industry is really like, Mr. Liu should know better than me.”