Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4558

Xue Shiyue nodded slightly and spoke in shame, “I didn’t expect that the company would have this kind of requirement after signing …… But Mr. Yang said, my contract is signed for a ten-year full agency contract, and the company has already paid me a million Hong Kong dollars in advance, I must obey the company’s arrangement, otherwise, the company will snowball me, then I will not only have no income, I can’t even find a job, and I will even be in breach of contract to sell songs on the street ……”

Saying that, Xue Shiyue tears kept falling down and choked up, “And if I cancel the contract, I need to pay the group twenty times the breach of contract, I can’t get that much money, so I can only do what Mr. Yang tells me to do ……”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Why do you need this one million? Did you encounter any trouble?”

Xue Shiyue nodded and said in a low voice, “I originally wanted to continue my studies, but my family had some changes and a lot of external debts, so I can’t afford to continue my studies ……”

I was planning to find a job to help my parents pay off their debts as soon as possible, but to my surprise, I met Mr. Yang on the streets of Tokyo and he said he was willing to sign me and turn me into a singer.”

“Moreover, Mr. Yang also promised a signing bonus of one million Hong Kong dollars at that time, a signing bonus that was enough to help my family solve all the crises, so I signed ……”

Ye Chen continued to ask: “He signed you to a ten-year full agency contract and only gave one million Hong Kong dollars?”

Xue Shiyue was busy saying, “Yes …… But for me, one million was already a lot …… I had no other choice at that time ……”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “If you didn’t have to consider the breach of contract or the family debt, would you prefer to be a star or continue to go to school?”

Xue Shiyue subconsciously blurted out, “I want to continue going to school …… Although I like music, I never wanted to be a star, after signing here, I also know a lot of untold insider secrets of this industry, I don’t think I can afford to be in the same boat with them, if I have a choice, I am willing to go back to school ……”

Saying that, she couldn’t stop the tears from dripping down her face and choked up, “I actually got an offer of a master’s degree from the University of Tokyo, it’s just that …… It’s just that the situation really doesn’t allow me to continue my studies ……”

Ye Chen asked her, “When does the master’s degree start?”

Xue Shiyue replied, “In September ……”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “You and I are destined to meet, not to mention that we have met twice, I will definitely get your business done today.”

When Yang Tiansheng saw how arrogant Ye Chen was, he laughed coldly and said, “What a joke! She signed her name to my company in black and white, how could I possibly let her go? There are many people who want to take someone away from my Yang Tiansheng’s company, but none of them have succeeded!”

Liu Jiahui subconsciously said at this time, “Tiansheng, you are talking blindly with your eyes wide open, didn’t the grand duke of the Li family take a woman away from you in the first place?”

“You ……” When Yang Tiansheng heard this, he immediately became irritated and his face turned red, angrily saying, “That time doesn’t count! That time was me, Yang, giving him face! I gave him face!”

Liu Jiahui shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “Whatever you want, whatever you want, you are the big brother, whatever you say.”

Just then, the secretary came to report again, “Chairman, there is a group of people downstairs who want to see you, and the one in the lead said his surname is Hong ……”

Yang Tiansheng laughed, “Haha! Mr. Hong is here! Why don’t you hurry up and have someone invite him up!”

Liu Jiahui gave him a pitying look and said seriously, “Tiansheng, it may not be too late to regret it ……”

“Cut the crap!” Yang Tiansheng said angrily, “Now you want to plead for that kid? It’s too late!”

Liu Jiahui nodded and said helplessly to his secretary, “Fine, ask them to come up ……”