Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4550

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Mr Liu should have properties here, right?”

“Of course.” Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “I’m not going to hide it from you Mr. Ye, the property prices on Hong Kong Island are already ridiculously expensive, in Central, the selling price of top office buildings is almost 20,000 to 30,000 Hong Kong dollars per square foot, and eleven square feet only translates into one square meter on the mainland, which means that the price of a single square meter of office building here is over 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.”

Saying that, Liu Jiahui pointed to a building on the roadside and said with a smile, “This building sold a two hundred and sixty square feet unit at the beginning of the year, and it sold for 120 million Hong Kong dollars.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Two hundred and sixty square feet and it can sell for so much money, then Mr. Liu’s estate here must have exceeded ten billion Hong Kong dollars a long time ago, right?”

Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “The two office buildings I have in hand add up to almost twenty-four billion Hong Kong dollars or so.”

Ye Chen asked again, “By the way, the snack street that Mr. Liu bought for Miss Manqiong, what price did he pay for it back then?”

Liu Jiahui laughed and said, “Mr. Ye, when it comes to that snack street, it’s really an excellent investment, more than ten years ago, I bought that whole street for 158 million Hong Kong dollars, now if I take it out and redevelop it, the land alone will be worth at least three billion!”

Saying that, Liu Jiahui whispered to Ye Chen, “The boss of Yateng a*set has taken a fancy to that street and wants to tear it down to build a commercial centre, if I work with them, they invest HK$15 billion to build it, I’ll use the land to take a stake and give me 30% of the shares, what I’m talking to them now is that I’ll use the land as a price of five billion to take a stake and pledge another 2.6 billion, I’ll take 51% of shares, and I’ll be the majority shareholder.”

Speaking here, Liu Jiahui looked at Ye Chen and said very seriously, “If Mr. Ye is interested in this project, I can let you have part of the shares at a low price, so that we can make a fortune together.”

Ye Chen asked, “Apart from the shops on both sides, the middle is a road, right, how can we build a commercial centre?”

Liu Jiahui smiled and said, “Actually everything is working, that road is already very narrow, and at night it is almost taken up by stalls, it has almost lost its function as a municipal road, so I have communicated with the planning department, I only need to commit to invest one billion dollars to demolish and rebuild a municipal road on the south side of the snack street area, then when the commercial centre is built, on the ground one level to leave an underground pedestrian pa*sage, and then equip it with escalators at both ends, and this project will get approval.”

Saying that, Liu Jiahui added: “I’ll invest in a municipal road, then build a pedestrian pa*sage, and then spend some money to lead an underground pa*sage from the ground floor of the commercial centre straight to the nearby metro station, at that time, this will be a commercial centre with very convenient transportation, the future is unlimited!”

Ye Chen frowned slightly and said, “This street seems to be very important to Miss Manqiong, if it is redeveloped, it must be difficult for her to accept it.”

Liu Jiahui was slightly stunned, then laughed, “I have dealt with women a lot, I know more about women than men in general, girls, most of them are too emotional, this is also the natural weakness of women in their character, so you see, why in this world, most of the rich people are men? To put it bluntly, it’s because men are always rational and can be truly profit-oriented and reckless. In the mall, only those who are rational and calm enough can make big money!”

In his heart, Ye Chen felt a little more disgust towards Liu Jiahui and said indifferently, “For Miss Manqiong, it was her spiritual support, so it seems a little inappropriate to tear it down just to make money, right?”