Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4547

As Ye Chen wandered around Shixun Road, he felt more and more that this place was uniquely located.

        In Hong Kong Island, where every inch of land is gold, Shixun Road does not look half crowded, and the density of luxury houses around Panshan Road is not too high, each villa is a single manor house.

        Coupled with the warm and humid climate in the south, living here is not only quiet, but also comfortable.

        He saw the Huo family mansion that Liu Manqiong had mentioned, the doors of the house were closed and it looked as if no one had lived there for some days, although the façade of the house was slightly old, the overall look was still very grand.

        Ye Chen skipped around and when he returned to the Liu family villa, Liu Manqiong happened to come out of it, and when she saw Ye Chen, her pretty face flushed, so she opened her mouth and asked, “Mr. Ye, how was the turn?”

        Ye Chen laughed: “Quite well, are you getting ready to go out?”

        “Right.” Liu Manqiong smiled, “I’ll try to finish early today and pick you up from my dad’s company at that time.”

        “Good.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “But there’s no rush, you should get busy with your business first.”

        Liu Manqiong then said, “Okay Mr. Ye, I’ll leave first then.”

        Ye Chen instructed, “Be safe on the road.”

        Only after seeing Liu Manqiong drive away did Ye Chen leisurely walk into the villa.

        As soon as Liu Jiahui saw him, he came forward with a smile on his face and said smilingly, “Mr Ye, I heard from Manqiong that you are interested in buying a property in Shixundao?”

        Ye Chen said casually, “No no, just casually looking around.”

        Liu Jiahui said without thinking, “Mr. Ye, Shixundao is definitely a good place, if you are interested in a house here, I can give you one!”

        Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “As the saying goes, you don’t get what you deserve, how can I accept such an expensive gift from Mr. Liu.”

        Liu Jiahui said incomparably serious, “Mr. Ye, you and I have met each other as soon as we met, and my daughter and you get along very well, so I am giving you a house so that you can come to Hong Kong Island for a small gathering in the future, this is also a common sense!”

        At this time, Fang Jiaxin walked up quickly and said with a flattering face, “Yes, Mr. Ye, Jiahui told me tonight that he would like to be close friends with you, he seldom admires others, and you are the first one.

        Ye Chen did not expect that Fang Jiaxin’s attitude towards herself would change so obviously.

        Yesterday, she seemed to have some disdain for her, but today she suddenly changed her ways and started to compliment you.

        However, Ye Chen did not feel surprised.

        After all, she was Liu Jiahui’s pillow, and last night Liu Jiahui would definitely tell her everything that happened at the Lan Kwai Wang Hongmen Bar, so today Fang Jiaxin’s attitude naturally changed 180 degrees when she knew that she was a big deal.

        So, Ye Chen laughed lightly and spoke, “Mrs. Liu is really too polite, I have no idea of settling in Hong Kong Island for the time being, let’s wait for some years.”

        When Liu Jiahui heard this, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Ye, nowadays, society is so developed that the concept of settling down has long ceased to exist. Even if you usually live in the Mainland, as long as you want to come to Hong Kong Island, you can get on a plane and arrive in two hours.

        If Mr. Ye wants to come to Hong Kong Island, just call me a few hours in advance and I will immediately arrange for a plane to pick you up, and after the plane lands at the airport, you don’t even need to take a car anymore, I will directly arrange for a helicopter to bring you to Shixundao. You can come to Hong Kong Island for a couple of days and then go back, in fact, it’s no different from coming out for a weekend.