Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4546

She asked Ye Chen with some surprise, “Mr Ye, what are you doing out so early?”

Ye Chen smiled, “I want to go out for a walk and a casual look around, and it’s also a good time to see how many mansions Shi Xundao actually has.”

Liu Manqiong was surprised and asked, “Mr Ye, you don’t want to buy a house in Shixundao, do you?”

Ye Chen laughed casually, “Yes, and no, even if I do, I am not the one to buy it.”

Liu Manqiong didn’t quite understand the meaning of Ye Chen’s words, but it sounded as if Ye Chen was very interested in Shi Xun Dao, so she was delighted and quickly said, “If Mr Ye is interested in the houses here, I can help introduce you to them, next door to us is the Huo House which is for sale, it is the property of the Huo family on Hong Kong Island.”

Ye Chen smiled, “Then I’ll go out and have a look around.”

Liu Manqiong was busy asking, “Do you need me to accompany you?”

“No need.” Ye Chen said, “Don’t you have something to do later?”

As he said that, he noticed that Liu Manqiong did not look well, so he asked curiously, “Manqiong, did you not sleep well last night?”

Liu Manqiong was a little embarra*sed for a moment and said in a stammering voice while fixing her hair, “It …… rained all last night …… so I couldn’t sleep… …”

Ye Chen didn’t think much of it, nodded gently and said to her, “You look so bad, and you have to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and be busy all day, I’m afraid your body can’t carry it.”

Saying that, he walked up to Liu Manqiong and spoke very seriously, “Come, hand me your hand.”

Liu Manqiong did not know what exactly Ye Chen wanted to do, but still with a red face, she handed him her right hand.

Using his own finger belly, Ye Chen squeezed her tiger’s mouth a few times with a little force and said, “There are many acupuncture points on the palm and tiger’s mouth, if ma*saged properly, it can quickly raise one’s spirit and can make one energetic throughout the day.”

As he spoke, a trace of spiritual energy was quietly transferred into Liu Manqiong’s body.

Liu Manqiong did not believe it at first, it was not that he did not believe in acupuncture points and ma*sage, he just did not believe that pressing the palm of his hand could invigorate the whole person.

However, as Ye Chen squeezed a few times, she felt that her whole body was much more comfortable, and her tiredness from not sleeping much all night instantly disappeared without a trace.

In its place, she felt as if she had slept for more than ten hours in one breath, and her whole body was indescribably refreshed.

Then, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is too amazing, Mr. Ye, how did you manage to ma*sage two times and have such a strong effect?”

Ye Chen smiled, “I have learnt some Chinese medicine ma*sage techniques before.”

Liu Manqiong exclaimed, “I really didn’t expect that just a ma*sage could have such a good effect!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Manqiong, you should go to the restaurant to eat first, I’ll go out for a walk.”

“Good.” Liu Manqiong nodded and said, “If Mr. Ye has any questions, you can always ask me on WeChat, and if you see any house, you can take a picture of the door number and I’ll have someone ask around for you.”


Ye Chen agreed and then waved his hand with Liu Manqiong before leaving the Liu family mansion alone.

As he had just told Liu Manqiong, he did intend to buy a house in Shi Xun Dao, but, instead of buying it himself, he intended to let Liu Jiahui pay for it.

Moreover, after buying it, he did not intend to live there himself, but intended to let Uncle Zhong and his family live there.

Liu Jiahui was aggressive and murderous towards Uncle Zhong, so although Ye Chen did not intend to make things too difficult for him, it was still essential to frustrate his dignity and sharpness ruthlessly!