Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4541

“To the Mainland?”

Ye Chen looked at Liu Manqiong with some surprise and asked, “Aren’t you sad to leave Hong Kong Island?”

Liu Manqiong said slightly unnaturally, “That was before …… before because I was still in school, so I didn’t want to leave Hong Kong Island, but if you consider employment, there would be more room for development if you leave Hong Kong Island.”

Ye Chen nodded gently and said seriously, “If Miss Manqiong is really interested in the mainland, you can wait until you graduate and see the mainland, walk around first, then pick a city you like and try to develop a bit, after all, you have a high education and your family is so well off, no matter where you choose, it should be very easy.”

Liu Manqiong gave a hmph, wanting to ask Ye Chen which city he was in, but the words failed to come out of her mouth.

And at that moment, the rain on Hong Kong Island, was falling even harder.

Liu Manqiong’s phone suddenly rang and she received a push.

She glanced down at her phone and muttered, “The weather department says there’s a rainstorm tonight.”

“Torrential rain ah ……” Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Looks like those hundred or so Hongmen children will have to brave the rain to board the ship tonight.”

And at the same time, the Wave Club.

More than a hundred Hongmen sons and daughters, escorted by the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, left the bar and headed for the port one after another.

The construction of the new base of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple required a large number of labourers at the bottom, so these rich and powerful kooks became the best choice at the moment.

Moreover, for the Dragon Palace, 300 to 500 such labourers would not be enough to stuff their teeth, so naturally, more is better.

As Hong Yuanshan watched all of his men being escorted out, his whole body did not feel much sadness, instead, a strong feeling of gratitude surged up.

He sighed in his heart: “I never dreamed that the man named Ye would be so big. …… It’s a good thing I survived, not only do I not have to go to Syria to do the hard work, but I can also stay in Hongmen as the boss. …… We must keep a low profile in the future. Low-profile and low-profile again, never make a similar mistake again, let alone let that surname Ye have an opinion about me ……”

Thinking of this, he then immediately looked at Zhong Yunqiu and said in a cold voice, “The surnamed Zhong, I restrict you to credit me with one billion dollars before dark tomorrow, otherwise, I will never forgive you!”

Zhong Yunqiu said with a sobbing face, “Godfather …… are you still not sure about me? Since I have promised, I will definitely honour it ……”

Hong Yuanshan said in a cold voice, “I wouldn’t dare to be your godfather Zhong Yunqiu! From now on, the godfathership between you and me ends here, don’t mention it again!”

Zhong Yunqiu said, “Godfather, I didn’t offend you, Godfather, I didn’t want things to turn out like this, please don’t be angry with me, after all, I’m the one who suffered the most.”

Hong Yuanshan said with a black face, “D*mn, I was afraid that you would grill me!”

After saying that, Hong Yuanshan added, “From tomorrow onwards, you and I should not have any contact with each other except for the matter of raising funds for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and I will not ask you for an extra penny, I’ve f*cking figured out now, what with money or not, it’s not as important as living well, so you’d better not let me see you again in the future either.”

Zhong Yuanqiu was busy saying, “Godfather, you and I are also in common trouble today, why do you have to turn against me ……”

Hong Yuanshan blurted out, “Laozi is different from you! I am now the fundraising manager of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple! As long as I don’t cause any trouble, Mr. Ye and the Dragon Palace will take care of me! You’re a f*cking scourge, stay as far away from me as possible!”

Zhong Yuanqiu was stunned and wanted to say something, but he swallowed back the words on the edge of his mouth.

The way he had treated Hong Yuanshan before was like a scum who had played with his woman and then had to kick her away.

It was just that he had never found a reason or excuse to break up peacefully, and he had even been trying to get the woman to talk first.

But he didn’t expect that when the woman really opened her mouth and said she was breaking up, he would feel so bad in his own heart.