Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4526

The sudden kneeling of Head Instructor Lin on the ground caused everyone present, except Ye Chen and the rest of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, to look on with their jaws dropped, as if they had been struck by lightning!

One must know that Headmaster Lin was definitely a unique and top-notch presence on Hong Kong Island.

The city of Hong Kong Island was not that big, not to mention that the place itself was mixed with fish and dragons, but in the eyes of many martial arts masters, it was simply not a qualified place to stay.

Take the gang members on Hong Kong Island, far from being the bully that they are in the movies, they are nothing more than a bunch of mud-playing brothers in front of the real gangs.

If a gang member here commits some crime, taking an hour-long boat ride to Tai O is considered running away, and if this were really told, I am afraid that people outside would laugh their heads off.

This is why many Chinese gangs have gone to Japan or further afield to North America, for the same reason that there is not much room for development here.

It is also because of this that Lam Kau Tau is able to become the tip of the pyramid of fighting power among the members of gangs throughout Hong Kong Island.

Even a patriarch like Hung Yuen-shan has to be respectful when he faces him.

But such a starry-eyed figure suddenly knelt down for someone else, and his whole body shook as if he had Parkinson’s. This simply overturned everyone’s three views.

The group was so shocked that they couldn’t speak, and Hong Yuanshan was even more scared out of his mind. He was after all a veteran, unlike the others whose brains had lost the ability to think in shock, he was able to grasp the point of the head teacher Lin’s words at once.

“The temple master …… What temple lord?! Could this person …… is the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!”

Thinking of this, his entire being had been scared out of his mind, his eyes staring intently at Sect Leader Lin, hoping to get a clear message from him.

At this moment, Wan Bajun looked at Teaching Head Lin, his brows slightly knitted as he asked in a cold voice, “You are a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

Teaching Head Lin lowered his head and said incomparably ashamed, “Back to Hall Master …… My subordinate …… My subordinate …… I was once a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall …… I left the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall two years ago ……”

Wan Bajun questioned, “Why did you leave?”

“Because …… Because ……”

When he said this, Sect Leader Lin was speechless for a moment.

He did not have the face to talk about his past of being expelled from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in front of Wan Breaking Jun.

Seeing his obsequious and stammering appearance, Wan Bajun shouted sternly, “You were once a member of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, yet you are bowing your head and obsequious like a punk, what a disgrace! Raise your head! ”

Lin was so frightened that his body trembled violently.

However, the pressure of Wan Bajun forced him to raise his head and meet Wan Bajun’s torch-like gaze.

At this moment, his entire body broke down emotionally and cried out in a loud voice, “Hall Master …… It was my subordinate who had violated the discipline of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, so I was expelled from the Hall …… In the two years since I was expelled, not a day has pa*sed that I have not longed to return to the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons. I hope that you, Hall Master, will be merciful and allow me to continue to serve the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons ……”

Wan Bajun turned around, looked at Lu Haotian and asked, “Haotian, why was he expelled?”

Lu Haotian replied, “Back to Hall Master, if I remember correctly, he should be this one who violated the ban on abusing forbidden medicines in pursuit of a cultivation breakthrough, and according to the laws of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, those who abuse forbidden medicines should be expelled from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.”

Wan Bajun nodded, then looked at Sect Leader Lin and questioned him, “Do you know why I forbid members of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall from using forbidden medicines?!”