Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4525

Without saying a word, Wan Bajun took a step and walked in with the two War Kings, Lu Haotian and Chen Zhonglei.

At this moment, Hong Yuanshan was filled with a smiling face of triumph.

He felt that this kid Ye Chen was not only wild beyond belief, but also stupid.

Thus, he looked at Ye Chen with a teasing face and said with a smile, ”Kid, when you first enter the jianghu, you can’t just play hard to get, you need to use more brains! In this situation, my god grandson is your only trump card, if I were you, I would definitely take this trump card and fight to the end, I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to send this trump card back, you really do have a sense of intelligence, this is the first time I have seen such a stupid descendant like you in all the years I have been out.”

Ye Chen had already seen the three of them, so he smiled and said to them, “Come on, Jun, let me introduce to you, this is the famous Hong Kong Island Hongmen Sect Master, Hong Yuanshan, this old dog is teaching me some experience of walking in the jianghu, you also come and listen to it.”

At this moment, Lin Jiantu, who was standing in front of Ye Chen, with his sword drawn, subconsciously looked back.

He had thought that Ye Chen had called for a few helpers, and that there must be only one way to send him to his death.

But when he saw who was coming, his whole body instantly felt like a thunderstorm, his brain was instantly dizzy and his eyes even began to blur.

He had never dreamed that he would be able to see the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Wan Bajun, and two of the Four Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall here!

Back then, during the battle at Ye Lingshan, the outside world did not know the real battle, everyone thought that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had crushed the Ye family, but they did not know that in fact, two of the Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall died under Ye Chen.

Now in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, there were only three people at the top of the pyramid, one was Wan Xiaojun, and the other two were Lu Haotian and Chen Zhonglei, who were now all here.

Even when he was in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Instructor Lin did not have much chance to get so close to Wan Breaking Army, his immediate superior was a five-star war general, and that five-star war general was under Lu Haotian’s command.

Therefore, when he suddenly saw the three of them, Instructor Lin felt as if his blood had been drained from his body, and he felt that it was all unrealistic, like he was dreaming.

At this moment, Hong Yuanshan didn’t notice the thunderstruck Lin, who had just been called an old dog by Ye Chen, and was already extremely angry in his heart.

So, he pointed at the three of them and sneered at Ye Chen, “Kid, do you really think that calling in these three bad boys will keep you safe and sound? I tell you! Today, not only you! Even these three b*****ds won’t be able to leave alive today!”

Wan Bajun froze and couldn’t help but ask, “Are all the local gangs on Hong Kong Island so fierce?”

Hong Yuanshan sneered, “What? You don’t know anything about Hong Kong Island and you dare to come here? Believe it or not, I’ll let you guys come here with your lives but not yours!”

Wan Bajun shook his head with a smile, then looked at Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, this old dog is barking so much, it must be bothering you, do you need me to shut him up?”

Ye Chen laughed, “Let the dog bark if he likes, such an old dog, he can’t run fast enough, he can’t bite, if you don’t let him bark, he will die of suffocation.”

At this moment, Hong Yuanshan could no longer endure, he looked at the dumbfounded Lin Jiantu, and shouted angrily, “Lin Jiantu, what are you still standing there for, why don’t you hurry up and kill them for me!!!”

It was only then that Lu Hao Tian noticed the motionless Lin Instructor, he couldn’t help but frown and opened his mouth to ask, “Are you …… Lin Feiyang?”

As soon as he heard this, Lin Feiyang awoke instantly as if in the midst of chaos, and immediately afterwards, he knelt down on the ground with an incomparably respectful trembling voice: “I am Lin Feiyang …… Greetings to the Hall Master! Greetings to the white-clothed tiger king! Greetings to the Green-eyed Wolf King!”