Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4522

Liu Manqiong’s words left Liu Jiahui dumbfounded as he listened.

Subconsciously, he asked, “Are you crazy? Don’t you know that you will only die if you stay here?”

“I don’t care.” Liu Manqiong said with a firm expression, “Whether I stay or go, whether I die or live, I want to be with Ye Chen!”

Liu Jiahui became anxious and blurted out, “Manqiong! Now is not the time for righteousness! It’s better for one person to leave than for two to die together!”

Liu Manqiong’s gaze was firm and she said without hesitation, “Don’t try to persuade me, you can go alone.”

Liu Jiahui stomped his feet in anger, “Are you out of your mind? You can’t do anything if you stay here!”

Liu Manqiong said coldly, “I said, I don’t care! I just want to stay and accompany Ye Chen!”

“f*ck!” Liu Jiahui gritted his teeth, pulling out his cheque book and writing on it continuously while gritting his teeth, “I let you do whatever you wanted before, but definitely not today!”

After saying that, he tore off the written cheque and slapped it in front of Hong Yuanshan, saying in a cold voice, “Here’s the cheque for five million dollars, I’ll take my daughter out of here!”

Hong Yuanshan took the cheque and looked at it, after confirming that it was correct, he stuffed it into his pocket and said blandly, “Leave quickly if you want to, my patience is almost exhausted.”

Liu Jiahui dared not delay, reaching out to grab Liu Manqiong’s arm and said in a loud voice, “Come back with me now!”

“I won’t go!” Liu Manqiong became anxious and tried her best to fight Liu Jiahui while subconsciously grabbing Ye Chen’s hand, her eyes already unable to control leaving two lines of hot tears.

Ye Chen couldn’t bear it, so he said, “Miss Liu, you don’t have to worry about me, you’d better go back with Mr. Liu, I can handle the rest of this small scene by myself.”

Liu Manqiong did not know that Ye Chen’s words were from the bottom of his heart, and thought that Ye Chen was trying to persuade him to leave, so he immediately cried and said, “I’m not leaving …… I want to stay with you!”

Ye Chen said very seriously, “Miss Liu, I really will be fine, you go back with Mr. Liu first, I will be there in twenty minutes.”

Liu Manqiong shook her head desperately, because she was afraid of being dragged away by her father, her five fingers clasped with Ye Chen’s, crying, “I don’t want twenty minutes, I want to be with you! If you go, I’ll go, if you stay, I’ll stay!”

For Liu Manqiong, she couldn’t leave Ye Chen alone, either for reasons of emotion or reason.

After all, Ye Chen had fought with those people for herself, so how could she just leave at such a time?

However, Liu Manqiong did not realise that the motivation that drove her to stay at this moment was not just pure moral righteousness.

In her heart, she already had a different kind of emotion towards Ye Chen, an emotion that had never appeared before in her 24-year life journey.

Therefore, Liu Manqiong herself was not aware of the existence of this emotion.

At this moment, she just wanted to stay and be by Ye Chen’s side, and that was all.

Hong Yuanshan became a little impatient and roared sternly, “f*ck! You have come to me to act out a Qiong Yao drama?”

After saying that, he pointed at Liu Manqiong and scolded loudly, “If you are sensible, you should follow your dad and get away from here, or else I will clean you up together!”

Ye Chen’s eyebrows knitted together and he said coldly, “Dog, didn’t your mother teach you to be polite when talking to girls?!”

The last of Hong Yuanshan’s patience was almost exhausted as he pointed at Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “F*ck! Kid! I’ve put up with you for a long f*cking time!”

After saying that, he pointed to Instructor Lin and said in a stern voice, “Instructor Lin, immediately rip this kid’s tongue out for me!”

Instructor Lin narrowed his eyes at Ye Chen and said coldly, “Kid, you seek your own death, so you can’t blame me!”

Ye Chen looked at him and asked with a cold smile, “I see that you are also a martial artist, how come you are hanging out with such a bunch of trash? Did you train hard in martial arts just to be a dog for such trash?”

Upon hearing this, Lin’s eyes widened and he asked offhandedly, “You …… How can you tell that I am a martial artist?”

At this moment, there was a bit of panic in the heart of Instructor Lin.