Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4521

Hong Yuanshan nodded his head and spoke, “Mr. Liu, I will not say anything in plain sight, this matter today, five million dollars.”

Liu Jiahui frowned, then pointed at Liu Manqiong and Ye Chen and said in a loud voice, “Five million dollars is fine, but I want to take them both away.”

Hong Yuanshan laughed out loud, “Haha, Mr. Liu, you may not have understood the situation clearly, the reason why I let you come is to let you solve your daughter’s problem, and the reason why I let you solve your daughter’s problem is because your daughter is not the main culprit in this matter, so I will give you a chance to solve the conflict for your sake.”

With that, he pointed his finger towards Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “As for this brat, you can’t take him away today even if you offer more money, because I want his life!”

Liu Jiahui’s scalp could not help but tingle as he saw Hong Yuanshan’s murderous intent on his face.

He could see that Hong Yuanshan really wanted Ye Chen’s life.

However, if anything happened to Ye Chen on Hong Kong Island, then I was afraid that his cooperation with Isuzu Shipping would be permanently killed in the cradle.

So, he hurriedly said to Hong Yuanshan, “Mr. Hong, I, Liu Jiahui, am here today to settle the issue with you once and for all, just tell me a price, how much will it cost to let me take both of them away, big deal, I will add more money to you!”

Hong Yuanshan’s eyebrows could not help but cluster as he said in a cold voice, “This is no longer a matter of money, he kidnapped my god grandson of Hong Yuanshan, and just now he even spoke wildly to me, if I let him go, how can I still come out in the future?”

Liu Jiahui realised the seriousness of the problem and said, “Mr. Hong, Xiao Ye is a newcomer to Hong Kong and is not familiar with the island, so he may have been a bit rude to you. I’ll add more money, up to 10 million!”

Hong Yuanshan had already negotiated with Zhong Yunqiu for US$60 million for three years, so how could he be impressed by Liu Jiahui’s mere US$10 million?

What’s more, he had nothing to lose by letting Liu Manqiong go. On the contrary, if he, as the head of the Hong Sect, went to cross a girl, Liu Manqiong, all of Hong Kong Island would despise him tomorrow for what he had done.

Therefore, Liu Jiahui offered a few million dollars to ransom Liu Manqiong away, which would be a windfall for him, at least to buy a few Rolls Royces, so why not do it himself.

However, if he let Ye Chen go today, then if word got out, he wouldn’t be able to make a living.

So, he looked at Liu Jiahui and said in a cold voice, “Mr. Liu, I have already given you face by letting you take your daughter away with US$5 million. If you are sensible, you should write a cheque for US$5 million and take your daughter away from here immediately.

Liu Jiahui also realised that Hong Yuanshan would definitely not promise to let Ye Chen go, and he was afraid that there was nothing he could do if he wanted to save him.

By then, if Ye Chen died at the hands of Hong Yuanshan, his cooperation with the Isuzu Shipping Line would definitely be in vain, so at the moment, there was no need for him to stay here and risk his own safety and that of his daughter.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said to Hong Yuanshan, “Fine! Five million, I’ll write you a cheque right now!”

As soon as Liu Manqiong heard this, she knew that her father had already given up on Ye Chen, so she said offhandedly without hesitation, “If you want to go, you can go yourself, I want to stay here with Ye Chen!”