Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4520

When Liu Jiahui saw that Hong Yuanshan had started to play the rascal, he knew that it was no longer possible to reason with the other party in this matter.

So, his expression gradually calmed down as he opened his mouth and asked, “Mr. Hong, how exactly do you want to settle this matter, simply give me a straightforward statement.”

Hong Yuanshan looked at Liu Jiahui and then Liu Manqiong, and with a cold snort, he said, “Mr. Liu, you don’t have to say that I am a person who is not mean enough, I know that your daughter did not make a move to hurt my Hongmen members, nor did she make a move to hurt my godson, so all you have to do is take out ten million dollars and you can take her away.”

“Ten million dollars?!” Liu Jiahui, as if his tail had been stepped on, blurted out, “Are you mistaken, Mr. Hong, you said yourself that my daughter did not do anything, and you want to take ten million dollars for not doing anything?

Hong Yuanshan sneered, “What? A mere 10 million dollars is nothing to you, Mr. Liu, right? But on the other hand, it’s not the same for me, Hong Yuan Shan. Thousands of people up and down my Hong Men are waiting for food, and without money, they have to go out on the streets to beg for food; without money, they have to do things that people like you don’t want them to do! Do you think you only have to give me an account? You have to give an account to my entire Hong Clan!”

An old man like Hong Yuanshan had long practiced the means of threatening others to perfection.

Liu Jiahui was not a fool either.

The meaning of Hong Yuanshan’s words was nothing more than using the Hong Sect as a threat.

Although he was rich and powerful, the richer and more powerful a person like him was, the more he feared those who wanted money and not life.

Now that his daughter had given Hong Yuanshan the leverage to demand money, he was afraid that it would be impossible to take her away successfully without a little bloodshed himself.

So, he gritted his teeth and spoke, “Mr. Hong, I won’t say any more nonsense, ten million dollars is too much, I will offer two million, and this matter will be treated as if it never happened, what do you think?”

“Two million?” Hong Yuanshan said disdainfully, “You are sending out callers, do I have the word caller written on my face, Hong Yuanshan?!”

Liu Jiahui sat down next to Liu Manqiong and said, “If two million dollars is still not enough, then I will let you, Mr. Hong, do whatever you want with me today, I can do whatever you feel like.”

Don’t look at Liu Jiahui’s usually cheerful smile throughout, but he also had a strong street colour in his bones.

He knew very well that if he became an ingrate in front of Hong Yuanshan today, then in the future, Hong Yuanshan would treat himself as an ATM.

He must bleed a little today, but he must not make him 100% satisfied, he must let him know that he has a temper too.

Hong Yuanshan really didn’t expect that Liu Jiahui, a hundred billionaire, would play a fool with himself.

His current look of a dead pig not afraid of boiling water immediately made Hong Yuanshan feel a little tricky.

Although he was the head of the Hong Sect, he did not dare to do anything to Liu Jiahui in a blatant manner.

After all, after the Li family had gone to England to develop, the richest person on Hong Kong Island was pretty much him, Liu Jiahui.

If he really did something to Liu Jiahui today, the whole Hong Kong Island would know about it tomorrow, and he would definitely be subjected to verbal criticism, and the Hong Kong Island police would definitely not sit idly by due to pressure.

Therefore, he really did not dare to do anything to Liu Jiahui.

So, his expression eased a little and he said with a smile, “Mr Liu really has the courage, I appreciate it!”

Liu Jiahui grunted and spoke, “Old Mr. Hong, whether it works or not, you give me a word.”