Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4516

Liu Manqiong soon noticed a strange phenomenon, the waiters throughout the nightclub seemed to be whispering something to the guests at the other tables separately.

Soon afterwards, the guests who had communicated with the waiters would immediately get up and leave.

She couldn’t help but feel a pang of nervousness and whispered to Ye Chen, “Are they already looking for them? It seems to me that these waiters are not quite right.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “Don’t be nervous, the good show is just about to begin.”

With that, he poured another gla*s of champagne and took a sip for himself.

Soon, all the other customers in the nightclub had pretty much left, leaving only Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong’s table.

Immediately afterwards, all the lights on the ceiling lit up instantly at this moment, illuminating the dimly lit nightclub hall as bright as day.

The powerful music had also come to an abrupt end, and the DJ as well as the waiters all quickly left through the staff pa*sageway.

Immediately afterwards, a large group of machete-wielding kooks swarmed in and surrounded Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong.

Ye Chen was not in a hurry and did not panic, with a smile on his face, while Liu Manqiong could not help but ask, “What are you doing? Be careful I’ll call the police!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he heard a teasing voice come out, “Miss Liu, what a temper.”

With these words, an old man in his sixties, dressed in a Tang suit, stepped in with his hands behind his back.

This man, was the Hong Kong Island Hongmen Sect Master, Hong Yuanshan.

Together with Hong Yuanshan, there was Zhong Yunqiu, the father of Zhong Zitao, and also the head of the sect, Lin, whom Hong Yuanshan had gone to great lengths to recruit under his command.

Liu Manqiong had never seen Hong Yuanshan before, but because he was so famous on Hong Kong Island, she recognised him immediately.

Seeing that Hong Yuanshan had come in person, Liu Manqiong was extremely nervous because she knew that, looking at this situation, she was afraid that it would be difficult to solve the trouble today.

So, she said with a bit of respect in her tone, “Mr. Hong, I wonder what you are here for?”

“What’s the matter?” Hong Yuanshan snorted coldly and questioned, “Is it because you have injured my people and taken my godson captive?”

Liu Manqiong scrambled to explain, “Old Mr. Hong, it’s not what you think, the whole thing was Zhong Zitao’s initiative to provoke in the first place ……”

Zhong Yunqiu, who was furious, yelled out, “Liu Manqiong, you better tell me where my son is! If anything happens to my son, I want you to look good!”

Ye Chen, who was sitting at the side, could not help but raise his eyebrows and said, “I think you two are both 50 or 60 years old, you are both over a hundred years old together, you are both going to be in the f*cking ground, how dare you unite here and shout at a girl, isn’t it afraid of people laughing?”

When Hong Yuanshan heard this, he became furious and sternly shouted, “Kid! You’ve got some f*cking balls, I heard you’re from the mainland, do you know who I am?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “In my eyes, you are just an old dog whose teeth are almost gone, I don’t care who you are.”

“F*ck!” A group of junior disciples were instantly enraged, and one of them cursed out of turn, “How dare you curse the master of our Hongmen, see if I don’t chop you to death!”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “No way, you want to cut someone as soon as you come up? Wouldn’t it be meaningless if the climax came in so quickly?”

Hong Yuanshan looked at Ye Chen with a sinister expression and spoke, “Kid, you really do have guts! You don’t even put me in your sights, what exactly is your origin?”

Ye Chen grinned: “You are not worthy to ask what my origins are, don’t you want to solve the problem? I am now giving you a solution to the problem, as the boss of Hongmen, you connived at your junior brothers to do wrong and help the tiger, for the sake of your age, today you bow and apologise here, and I can leave this matter alone.”