Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4513

The third news was that Liu Manqiong looked as if she was in a relationship with that man.

When the manager heard about it, he immediately ordered the waiter to serve him well, and at the same time, he also subconsciously took out his mobile phone, ready to call Zhong Zitao, the young master of the Zhong family.

Everyone knew that Zhong Zitao had been pursuing Liu Manqiong for a long time, but at the moment, it seemed that Liu Manqiong already had a mistress.

So, he planned to report the news to Zhong Zitao at the first opportunity.

However, when he called Zhong Zitao’s phone, he found that the other party’s phone could not be reached.

In desperation, he sent a message to Zhong Zitao and then did not pay too much attention to it.


Sect Leader Lin had already led his men to Saffron Ridge.

When they saw the three cars parked by the roadside, they immediately found the trail where the crowd had gone into the mountain forest before, so the group immediately rushed in.

When they did, the tragedy in the woods struck everyone, including the head of the Lin School, like a thunderbolt!

The famous Brother Wuji was now leaning against a bowl of trees, wiping his tears in despair.

Most of the remaining disciples were lying on the ground, wailing, each of them with multiple broken bones, unable to crawl.

Instructor Lin was instantly shocked and hurriedly asked after Brother Wuji, “Wuji, what the …… hell is going on here? Where is Young Master Zhong?!”

Brother Wuji gulped even more, “Instructor Lin …… you must take revenge for us Instructor Lin ……”

Instructor Lin frowned and immediately asked, “Where the hell is Young Master Zhong? Both the Sect Master and Mr. Zhong are waiting for news at this moment!”

Brother Wuji said, “Young master Zhong was kidnapped by a kid from the mainland! That kid seems to know a bit of combat and is stronger than me, we are no match for him, only you can handle him ……”

The head instructor said coldly, “Tell me the key! Who is that kid’s last name, who is he, what are his origins, what clues do I have to find him as soon as possible, and is Young Master Zhong still alive?

Brother Wuji blurted out, “Young Master Zhong was knocked out and kidnapped by him, he should still be alive, as for that kid, I don’t know who he really is.”

As he said that, he remembered something and hurriedly added, “Right, Instructor Lin, that kid left with the Liu family’s Miss Liu Manqiong! If you find Liu Manqiong, you will definitely be able to find that brat!”

“Liu Manqiong ……” Instructor Lin asked in a cold voice as his brows tightened, “I watched the surveillance, Young Master Zhong came here in your car, why did you come here?”

Brother Wuji explained, “It was Young Master Zhong who asked us to drive and track down that Liu Manqiong and his adulterer, that’s why we drove all the way here, Young Master Zhong wanted us to take out that kid, but he didn’t expect him to be stronger than even us.”

Teaching Head Lin nodded and said in a cold voice, “You guys wait here first, my immediate priority now is to find Young Master Zhong as soon as possible!”

Saying this, he said to the Hongmen disciples who had followed him here, “All follow me!”

Brother Wuji shouted in a panic, “Sect Leader Lin, take us with you!”

Sect Leader Lin said coldly, “We don’t have time to deal with you now, you wait here first, I’ll have someone call an ambulance for you!”

After saying that, he walked back while taking out his mobile phone and called Hong Yuanshan.

After Hong Yuanshan on the other end of the phone learned what had happened, he immediately instructed, “Instructor Lin, immediately in my name, ask all Hong Men’s sons to search for Liu Manqiong and the whereabouts of that kid on Hong Kong Island, if there are any clues, you must rush there at the first opportunity, and make sure to rescue my godson!”

Then, he gave a slight beat and said in a cold voice, “Make sure to arrest that kid who hurt my god grandson, contact me when the time comes, I want to see him die with my own eyes!”