Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4508

When Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong had almost finished eating and started to cut the cake, a group of Hongmen’s minions had already found Zhong Zitao’s Rolls-Royce in the underground car park in Tsim Sha Tsui.

At that time, when Zhong Zitao was tracking Ye Chen and Liu Manqiong with Brother Wuji and the others, he thought he was smart enough not to drive his Rolls Royce, after all, the Rolls Royce’s target was too conspicuous and he was afraid that Ye Chen would find out in advance.

However, at this moment, lying in the trunk of Liu Manqiong’s car, he could never have dreamed that Ye Chen had already noticed them long before they set off.

When the Hongmen’s minions found Zhong Zitao’s Rolls-Royce, they reported to Hong Yuanshan while pulling up surveillance in the car park, looking for clues after Zhong Zitao had left the Rolls-Royce.

At this time, Zhong Yunqiu, who was anxious, also arrived at Hong Yuanshan’s home and waited with him for news.

Soon, the junior in front returned with the information that Zhong Zitao had actually gotten into Brother Wuji’s car, the Hongmen Double Flower Red Stick, and followed Brother Wuji and his group of juniors out of the car park!

When this news came back, Hong Yuanshan immediately instructed a middle-aged man beside him, “Instructor Lin, contact Brother Wuji and ask where this kid is now.”

The man called Lin’s head immediately nodded, picked up his mobile phone, found the number and dialed it.

However, there was a beep on the other end of the line that the other party could not be reached at the moment.

Sect Leader Lin frowned and said, “Sect Leader, I think Wuji’s phone is not in the service area.”

“f*ck!” Hong Yuanshan blurted out, “Go find Wuji’s minions and ask them all where they are!”

Instructor Lin immediately ordered it down.

The orders were relayed down layer by layer, and the news was reported up layer by layer, and the result obtained was that all the members of Hongmen who appeared in the video with Wuji, without exception, had all disappeared.

Upon hearing this, Zhong Yunqiu subconsciously said, “Godfather! Could it be that Wuji has turned against us and deliberately kidnapped my son to demand ransom?!”

Hong Yuanshan waved his hand, “You don’t need to worry that it was Wuji who kidnapped Zitao, I know Wuji’s situation very well, this kid’s whole family is on Hong Kong Island, he doesn’t have the guts to do so.”

On the side, the head teacher Lin said keenly, “Sect master, Mr. Zhong, I suspect that young master Zhong and Wuji, they should have had some kind of accident.”

Hong Yuanshan said in a cold voice, “I just don’t believe that there is anyone on Hong Kong Island who dares to touch my godson and my men! Who is so bold?!”

Sect Leader Lin said, “Sect Leader, I have already asked someone to continue to trace the movement of Wuji and their vehicles, Hong Kong Island is not that big, we should be able to find out their whereabouts soon!”

“Good!” Hong Yuanshan immediately said, “Instructor Lin, this matter will be hard for you to handle personally! In case there is really any unexpected incident, I am afraid that only you, Instructor Lin, will be able to deal with it with ease.”

With his hands clasped in a fist, Sect Leader Lin said in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, Sect Leader, I will do my best!”