Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4505

As she said that, Liu Manqiong said with some sadness, “Everything here is the same as before, except that they are old, I have grown up, and my mother is no longer here.”

Seeing that she was a bit depressed, Ye Chen said in a light-hearted manner, “My parents left very early, and after they left, I became an orphan and lived in the orphanage for ten years, compared to that, you are still much happier than me.”

“You’re an orphan?!” Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen in surprise, with an unbelievable face.

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Before I was eight years old, I was probably the happiest child in this world, I fell from the sky into a mud pit overnight, and then crawled around in the mud pit all the way to today.”

Liu Manqiong marvelled, “You’re so young to be in a key position at Isuzu Shipping, which proves that you’re still very capable as an individual.”

“Is that so?” Ye Chen suddenly scratched his head with some embarra*sment and said with a smile, “Haha, it seems to be just like that.”

It was not good for him to tell Liu Manqiong that he was actually the big boss with the largest shareholding in Isu Shipping.

At this time, many middle-aged people with smiling faces walked quickly towards the two.

The one at the head of the group was the same Uncle Nan from earlier, only to see that he was holding a large box, not knowing what was inside.

When they arrived in front of them, Uncle Nan smiled and said, “Miss Manqiong, happy birthday!”

When he said that, Uncle Cheng, who was beside him, hurriedly opened the lid of the big box and inside was a beautiful birthday cake.

The crowd also cheered together and said in unison, “Happy birthday, Miss Manqiong!”

Liu Manqiong was dumbstruck and muttered, “It’s not my birthday today …… My birthday is still more than ten days away …… Uncle Nan, Uncle Cheng, what’s going on here?”

Uncle Nan laughed, “Miss Manqiong, today is the fourth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, it’s your birthday on the lunar calendar.

Liu Manqiong’s eyes suddenly moistened, covering her mouth and whispering, “I don’t even know myself ……”

Uncle Cheng said smilingly, “We all were preparing for this a few days ago, wanting to give you a little surprise, in the afternoon we were worried that you wouldn’t come over today, but we didn’t expect you to bring your boyfriend.”

Two lines of hot tears slid across the corners of Liu Manqiong’s eyes, and this time she didn’t explain any further, but said with great gratitude, “Thank you all …… Thank you ……”

Uncle Nan and Uncle Cheng both carried the cake and sang a Cantonese birthday song, “I wish you a long and blessed life, celebrate your happy birthday! Every year is today, every year is now! Congratulations, congratulations!”

The crowd that followed applauded, Uncle Nan handed two candles and a box of matches to Ye Chen and said with a smile, “Young man, Miss Manqiong’s 24th birthday is today, it’s her birth year, so we have prepared two candles, you can help Miss Manqiong light them up!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and inserted the two candles, then lit them again.

The crowd hurriedly urged her to hurry up and make a wish and blow the candles.

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen, closed her eyes, made a silent wish and then blew out the candles in the presence of the crowd.

Everyone cheered again, and then everyone served Liu Manqiong and Ye Chen a portion of their favourite meal or snack, as each portion was small, and Uncle Cheng said to the two of them, “We know that Miss Manqiong doesn’t like to waste, so we have prepared a very small amount of each portion, if there is not enough to eat, just ask, and we will prepare more for you two! ”

Liu Manqiong’s eyes were red as she said, “Thank you all, so kind and remembering my birthday ……”

Cheng Bo smiled, “It’s all as it should be, Miss Manqiong, I’ll say something high on everyone’s behalf, you are like our own daughter in our eyes!”

After saying that, he hurriedly said to the crowd, “Everyone disperse, disperse, don’t disturb Miss Manqiong’s duo!”