Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4500

Ye Chen’s words caused Brother Wuji to collapse emotionally in an instant.

As soon as his legs went weak, he fell to the ground with a poof and cried out, begging, “Big brother …… I’m just a little brother making a living in Hongmen, please have mercy and let me go for the sake of the fact that I’ve already lost an arm ……”

Ye Chen frowned and said, “I really don’t understand you gang members, you are usually the most ruthless, but you are also the most wimpy when it comes to things, can’t you be tougher?”

Brother Wuji cried, “Brother …… If you break my leg again, I won’t be able to continue to work in the future ……”

Ye Chen asked him, “Do you still want to recover from your injury and continue to be your double flower red stick?”

Brother Wuji hurriedly shook his head, “No …… I don’t mean that ……”

Ye Chen sneered, “With one arm and one leg left, if you honestly find a camp, it’s still enough, otherwise if you come out again, your head will have to move sooner or later.”

After saying that, Ye Chen didn’t wait for him to react and kicked him on the knee of his right leg.

With a cracking sound, Brother Wuji’s entire body rolled on the ground in pain.

Ye Chen had no sympathy for him and said coldly, “I hope you can clean up your act and become a new man, otherwise, next time I will make you taste the taste of paraplegia.”

Brother Wuji could only endure the pain and said out loud, “Don’t worry, big brother …… I will definitely change my mind …… I will be a new man ……”

Ye Chen nodded and said in a cold voice: “You guys just stay here honestly, at night, I guess the Zhong family will come looking for you, then if they ask about your whereabouts of Zhong Zitao, just tell him that Zhong Zitao was taken away by me.”

Without thinking, Brother Wuji said, “Okay big brother …… I got it ……”

Liu Manqiong asked Ye Chen with a stunned expression, “Where are you taking Zhong Zitao to?”

“To go clubbing.” Ye Chen casually said, “We both agreed, have you forgotten? Let’s finish eating first and go to Lan Kwai Fong to go clubbing after dinner.”

Liu Manqiong asked out of the blue, “What about Zhong Zitao? Put him in the car?”

“Yeah.” Ye Chen said, “Your trunk is empty, just stuff him in there.”

“Huh?!” Liu Manqiong said, dumbfounded, “You …… What the hell are you doing ……”

Ye Chen grabbed Zhong Zitao’s collar and yanked him up, speaking, “What am I going to do, you will know at night.”

After saying that, Ye Chen asked, “Are you leaving?”

Liu Manqiong was helpless to the extreme and could only stiffen his head and follow.

When they reentered the road from the mountain forest, there was still not even a shadow of a person around.

Ye Chen directly opened the trunk of the Tesla and shoved the unconscious Zhong Zitao inside.

Zhong Zitao was currently in a deep coma, and if he didn’t have to intervene with external forces, it was unlikely that he would wake up tomorrow.

Closing the trunk door, Ye Chen said to Liu Manqiong, “You drive, I’m not familiar with the road.”

Liu Manqiong asked him, “When you came here you said you were going to drive because you expected them to follow us?”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded faintly.