Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4496

Ye Chen’s casual remark made Liu Manqiong extremely nervous.

In her opinion, how could Ye Chen be a match for these dozens of people, these people looked like people from Hongmen, each killing without blinking, when they really started to fight, Ye Chen was 80% to be killed.

The gang of strong men saw that Ye Chen was still standing and pretending at this time, and each of them had a fierce face.

Zhong Zitao said with a contemptuous face, “Good boy, you really have some f*cking balls! You’re already dead, and you still don’t forget to act like a p*ssy in front of a woman!”

Ye Chen laughed and said, “It is still unknown who is dying, just this bunch of shrimps and crab soldiers you have found are worse than dogs in my eyes.”

The leader of the sturdy men on the other side shouted angrily, “D*mn it! We are from Hongmen, how dare you disrespect us!”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “What? Saying that you’re even worse than a dog, and you still don’t believe me?”

The little brother beside that strong man cursed angrily, “f*ck! Brother Wuji is our Hongmen’s Double Flower Red Stick, why don’t you kneel down and kowtow and admit your mistake!”

Ye Chen laughed disdainfully, “So you’re a black chicken, you’re really worse than a dog.”

As if he had suffered a great humiliation, Brother Wuji pointed at Ye Chen and roared hysterically, “I’ll f*cking kill you!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he immediately rushed towards Ye Chen and threw a heavy punch straight at the bridge of Ye Chen’s nose.

He was one of the Hongmen’s dangling Double Flower Red Sticks and was personally very strong, having fought in many under-court boxing matches on Hong Kong Island and winning more than half of them.

In his opinion, this punch of his own was enough to knock Ye Chen to the ground and splatter him with blood!

And he himself, not only could he use his strength to make Ye Chen pay in blood for what he had just said, but he would also take the top prize in front of Zhong Zitao for having started the fight.

But then things took a 180-degree turn from what he expected!

Ye Chen had a smile on his lips and looked at him without moving a muscle, only speaking, “How dare you dare to behave in front of me even if you have a few Peeps tattooed on your body!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Brother Wuji’s fist also arrived.

Ye Chen, who hadn’t made any movements, suddenly threw a punch and slammed directly towards his opponent’s fist head-on.

This punch was as fast as lightning and no one at the scene could even see it clearly.

An instant later, with a booming sound, a series of shattering sounds like a whole bamboo pole splintering could be heard, as well as the man’s pig-like howl!

His entire arm, by now, had been completely shattered!

And his expression was already extremely distorted from the pain.

On the contrary, Ye Chen’s entire face was relaxed, as if that punch just now had nothing to do with him.

Seeing that Brother Wuji’s tears rolling down from the pain, Ye Chen could not help but mock, “Is this the strength of the Double Flower Red Stick? If you were a dog, you wouldn’t even be able to eat hot sh*t!”

At this, the whole room was appalled.

No one had expected that Brother Wuji, who was the strongest, would be nullified by a single punch from his opponent.

Zhong Zitao took two steps back in fear and shouted to the others, “Charge up together and finish him off! I’ll give you ten million dollars!”

There would be brave men under heavy rewards.

Although the others were dumbfounded by Ye Chen’s performance just now, when they heard Zhong Zitao offer a reward of ten million dollars, they immediately rushed towards Ye Chen in a swarm.

They felt that even if Ye Chen was personally strong, he must not be able to beat more than ten people.