Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4492

“What kind of justice is being administered?”

Hearing Liu Manqiong’s question, Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “I can’t tell you about this for the time being, leaving a bit of mystery.”

Liu Manqiong could not help but frown and asked him, “Then have you ever thought about what you would do if Zhong Zitao wanted to target you? You can’t beat four hands with two fists in Hong Kong Island, how can you fight against Hongmen?”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and laughed, “You’re also looking down on me too much, two fists can’t beat four hands? Add a zero, forty I don’t put in my eyes either.”

Liu Manqiong thought that Ye Chen was full of talk again, the whole person was already schizophrenic by him, she could only shake her head helplessly and said, “I’m really convinced of you!”

After saying that, she could only walk out of the car park with Ye Chen.

Once the two of them exited the garage, they arrived at the shopping mall plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui with the largest flow of people.

Apart from the crowded customer flow, there were also many salesmen specialising in promotion and sales, as well as many areas for merchandise exhibitions.

In the best part of the plaza, there were several neatly organized stalls, which all had the University of Hong Kong Island’s logo on them, and many students in school uniforms were busy in front of the stalls.

With mixed feelings, Liu Manqiong led Ye Chen straight to these stalls, which were the venue for her and her cla*smates’ charity sale.

Many of the students were surprised to see Liu Manqiong coming over, and many of them gathered around to greet her.

One of the boys wearing gla*ses rushed forward and asked, “Sister Manqiong, why are you here today?”

With a faint smile, Liu Manqiong replied, “I just happened to have something to do this afternoon and had to come over here, so I stopped by.”

Saying that, Liu Manqiong asked him, “How are the sales today?”

“Not too good eh.” The boy said in a somewhat dejected manner, “We have sold almost 30,000 Hong Kong dollars since eight o’clock in the morning, and I thought we could sell up to 50,000.”

Liu Manqiong encouraged, “It doesn’t matter, over 30,000 is already a lot of money, it’s worth encouraging.”

Ah Lun sighed, “Sister Manqiong, you alone have donated tens of millions of dollars, so many of us have worked so hard, but only so little money in total, it is really too shameful ……”

Liu Manqiong said, “Ah Lun, don’t say that, charity is not about comparing who donates more money, but about letting as many people as possible do what they can, the money I donated is not my own, it’s just generous, I myself can only do something like you guys.”

Saying that, she took the cardboard box from Ye Chen’s hand and handed it to the boy, “Ah Lun, this is some of my personal unused stuff I packed up, the selling price I’ve marked on the label, if you go by the label price, it’s over HK$20,000 in total.”

With that, Liu Manqiong spread her hands and added, “You see, I am not very rich myself, and this is all I can take out, so don’t feel ashamed just because you have taken out less, even if you can’t take out anything, it is still very worthwhile to volunteer to contribute to charity!”

“So please work harder, we’ll sell everything we’ve collected now as soon as possible, plus I’ve called on other students in the school, we’ll all try to donate more useless personal unused items, after accumulating more, we’ll definitely be able to do a lot of good deeds.”

Inspired by Liu Manqiong, the crowd cheered and were all energetic.

At this time, a svelte looking girl looked at Ye Chen and opened her mouth to ask, “Sister Manqiong, who is this handsome man? You haven’t introduced him to us yet.”

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen and said to the crowd, “This is Mr. Ye, a guest of my family.”

“A guest?” The girl said with a big smile, “Sister Manqiong, this wouldn’t be the fiance your family arranged for you, would it?”

“How could ……” When Liu Manqiong heard the word “fiance”, she felt her mind was about to collapse, so she said without thinking, “Don’t gossip here, Mr. Ye is my father’s friend, he just happened to come to Hong Kong Island to talk to my father about something, because he hasn’t been to Hong Kong Island for many years, I am just acting as his guide and showing him around for the time being.”

“So that’s it.” The girl said with some regret, “Sister Manqiong, this handsome guy is actually a good match for you! You should consider it! I’ve known you for so long, but I’ve never seen you dating, and we’re all looking forward to seeing who you’ll marry before you graduate.”