Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4491

Ye Chen asked him, “Hongmen is so poor, doesn’t Zhong Yunqiu usually take care of it?”

“Receive help.” Wan Bajun said, “If Zhong Yunqiu didn’t help out, Hongmen would have started laying off staff a long time ago. opening nightclubs and bars, one is smuggling frozen meat, and another is an underground casino, apart from the casino, the first three businesses, all of which Zhong Yunqiu helped to start.”

Ye Chen gave a hmph and said, “Which is the biggest nightclub in Hongmen?”

Wan Breaking Jun replied, “It’s called Waveclub, and it’s in Lan Kwai Fong.”

“Wave ……” Ye Chen muttered softly and said with a smile, “Okay, I got it.”

After Ye Chen hung up the phone, he said to Liu Manqiong beside him, “Miss Manqiong, how about this, after dinner tonight, you can take me to a nightclub.”

Liu Manqiong’s head exploded as she listened, and she subconsciously opened her mouth and asked, “Ye Chen, you were just asking about Hongmen’s nightclubs on the phone, you’re not going there, are you?!”

“Right.” Ye Chen smiled faintly, “To get a taste of Hong Kong Island’s big-name nightlife.”

Liu Manqiong blurted out, “Then you can’t go to Hongmen’s nightclub by name! You’ve just offended Zhong Zitao, it’s dangerous there!”

Ye Chen laughed, “Dangerous is for sure, but who exactly is dangerous, this will have to be seen again.”

Seeing Ye Chen’s playful, light-hearted look, Liu Manqiong was even more puzzled about where Ye Chen was coming from.

Through that phone call Ye Chen had just made, she could conclude that Ye Chen was by no means as reckless as he seemed, and that he might even have already investigated the various forces on Hong Kong Island and had it all in his mind.

Thinking of this, she could not help but ask Ye Chen, “Who are you anyway?”

“Me?” Ye Chen smiled, “It should be someone that no one on Hong Kong Island can afford to mess with.”

Liu Manqiong could not help but frown, and the person became cautious as she asked Ye Chen, “What exactly do you want to do here on Hong Kong Island?”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows and said blandly, “I’ve come to administer a justice.”

Liu Manqiong was astonished, she really couldn’t figure out Ye Chen’s way of doing things, this man spoke, true or false, and it was hard to see through his character.

It had only been just two hours since we met, and her impression of Ye Chen had changed several times.

At first, she felt that Ye Chen seemed to be quite a humorous person, and there was a certain amount of control in his words, and he was able to navigate in front of her father.

When she met Zhong Zitao, she felt that Ye Chen seemed to be lacking a bit of manners, and was more or less reckless, not knowing how to judge the situation.

Moreover, the act of grabbing his hand on his own initiative seemed to her at the time to be a bit abrupt and rash.

Then, Ye Chen’s refusal to leave Hong Kong made her feel that this person was completely unaware of the dangers of the world, and that he was still unmoved even though she had said so much.

But then she waited until now, and felt that her previous opinion of Ye Chen seemed to be wrong.

Ye Chen was indeed fearless, but fearlessness was not due to ignorance, rather, it was because he already knew his enemy.

Thinking of this, she looked at Ye Chen and could not help but ask, “Then …… Then can you tell me, what kind of justice are you trying to administer when you come to Hong Kong Island?”