Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4481

The old man had worked hard for decades to make Chen Kee’s Roast Goose the most famous brand of roast goose on Hong Kong Island, and it had even made the list of affordable Michelin restaurants on Hong Kong Island for many years in a row, making it very famous on Hong Kong Island.

When Liu Jiahui heard Ye Chen’s words, he could not help but smack himself twice on the spot, and in his heart he could not help but curse himself, “Wow! I’m so cheap! I had to ask him the name of the shop for a good reason ……”

Fang Jiaxin’s expression was even more embarra*sed with a bit of fear.

Ye Chen mentioned the roast goose, but he also mentioned Chen Ji’s roast goose, wasn’t this just like a big mouth smacking himself and Liu Jiahui directly in the face?

As they both froze in their tracks, Liu Manqiong, who had been sitting opposite Ye Chen with a cold face, suddenly couldn’t hold back her laughter and snorted out.

Liu Jiahui immediately turned his face to glare at Liu Manqiong and asked in exasperation, “What’s so funny?!”

Liu Manqiong shrugged, “Originally there was nothing funny, but the reaction of you two is too funny, people just want to eat some roast goose, why are you all reacting so strongly?”

Liu Jiahui said with anger, “Mr. Ye doesn’t know the reason for it, can you still not know?”

“I don’t know.” Liu Manqiong said blandly, “I only come back every day to sleep at night, I don’t have much contact with you guys, so how would I know what could be the origin between you and the roast goose.”

Liu Jiahui was so angry that he could not say anything.

He knew that his daughter was pretending to be confused, but he couldn’t say anything too transparently himself, so he turned to Ye Chen and said, “By the way Mr. Ye, I wonder if the other meals are still to your liking?”

“Quite good.” Ye Chen nodded, put down his chopsticks, smacked his lips, and said in a serious and slightly regretful manner, “It would have been perfect if there was roast goose.”

When Liu Manqiong heard this, she could no longer hold back and burst into laughter.

When she smiled, two shallow pear swirls emerged from her cold face, and with her cla*sical beauty, she really looked like a sunken fish and a beautiful woman.

Liu Jiahui was almost ashamed of himself and looked at Liu Manqiong angrily, scolding her, “Stop smiling!”

“Fine, fine.” Liu Manqiong put away her smile, but still could not hide her laughter as she looked at Ye Chen and asked him, “Mr. Ye, did you really not bring up the stunt of roast goose on purpose?”

Ye Chen shook his head in mock bewilderment and said seriously, “Miss Liu, I didn’t understand what you meant.”

Liu Manqiong’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at Ye Chen for a moment and said seriously, “Why do I feel like you’re lying to me?”

“Am I?” Ye Chen asked rhetorically in a serious manner.

Liu Manqiong nodded and said, “You do.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “No, I didn’t.”

Liu Manqiong aggressively said, “You clearly do!”

Saying that, Liu Manqiong asked him again, “Are you trying to hold back your laughter?”

“No.” Ye Chen said with certainty and said seriously, “Why should I hold back my laughter?”

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen and said with a great deal of meaning, “Because you obviously know what the stigma of roast goose is, and it was always you who took the initiative to mention it, so you must have been holding it in your heart, and as the originator, how could you not want to laugh?”

Ye Chen faintly laughed, “Miss Liu, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m professionally trained, and I don’t laugh under normal circumstances.”

Saying that, Ye Chen couldn’t help but harrumph, “Generally don’t laugh unless you can’t help it! Hahahahaha!”