Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4478

When Ye Chen first saw Liu Manqiong, he only felt that this girl, was so much prettier than in her photos.

What Ye Chen had seen on his profile were all of this girl’s ID photos, which showed her wearing gla*ses and not smiling, just looking more showy and pretty, but far from being stunning.

However, the Liu Manqiong in front of her, with her slim and tall figure, fair and reddish skin, and unpowdered features has a very cla*sical Chinese beauty, with a long vertical ponytail, as if an angel had fallen into the neighbourhood and turned into a top-quality version of the neighbourhood sister.

Liu Manqiong’s dressing was very simple, an ordinary dress, a pair of simple black sandals, plus a shoulder bag that could not be seen at all. Such a casual outfit, on the contrary, took her transcendent and out-of-the-ordinary temperament to a new level.

Ye Chen really did not expect that the fat-headed Liu Jiahui could give birth to such a fairy-like daughter. Judging from Liu Manqiong’s facial features, Liu Jiahui’s genes hardly had any effective effect on her.

At this moment, Liu Manqiong only gave Ye Chen a nonchalant glance and said casually, “Mr. Ye, right, how are you?”

After saying that, she didn’t wait for Ye Chen’s response and said directly to Liu Jiahui, “Didn’t you say that I should come back for dinner? Please hurry up, I have something to do this afternoon, I can’t delay for too long.”

Exasperated by Liu Manqiong’s attitude, Liu Jiahui blurted out, “What kind of attitude is that? Mr. Ye is an honoured guest of the family, he’s new to Hong Kong Island, I was planning to ask you to help me entertain him and show him around this afternoon!”

Without thinking, Liu Manqiong refused, “No, I said I have something to do this afternoon! Since it’s your guest, why don’t you entertain yourself?”

Liu Jiahui said angrily, “I was thinking that you and Mr. Ye are about the same age, both are the same age, it’s more appropriate for you to entertain than me!”

“I don’t have the time!” Liu Manqiong said with some anger, “You asked me to come back for dinner, I have already come back, please also stop and don’t get ahead of yourself!”

Liu Jiahui said in a cold voice, “Is this the attitude you have when talking to your father?”

Fang Jiaxin hurriedly came over to round up the situation and said, “Hey Jiahui, what are you doing with the child in such a tense manner? Besides, Mr. Ye is also here, we can’t let our honoured guests look at us funny.”

With that, she hurriedly went to persuade Liu Manqiong with a smile, “Manqiong, you know your father’s temper, don’t be ordinary with him, hurry up and sit down to eat.”

Liu Manqiong gave Fang Jiaxin a disdainful look and said coldly, “There is no need for you to pretend to be a good person here.”

Fang Jiaxin’s expression changed slightly, but she said with a smile, “Manqiong, you may have misunderstood me just now.

Liu Manqiong said lightly, “It’s true that there is no hatred between father and daughter, but between a daughter and a family-destroying fox spirit, there is an unmitigated hatred!”

Once these words came out, Fang Jiaxin’s expression instantly became very ugly.

At the side, Liu Jiahui’s face also turned ironic for a while.

Fang Jiaxin’s big eyes instantly clouded with a layer of moisture, and said to Liu Jiahui in a condescending manner, “Jiahui ……”

Liu Jiahui was also very annoyed, after all, Liu Manqiong called Fang Jiaxin a fox spirit, the subtext is also equivalent to calling him a negative hearted man.

So, the irritated Liu Jiahui immediately barked at Liu Manqiong, “Apologize to your little mother, immediately, right now!”

Liu Manqiong said with a cold expression, “Sorry, you and she are both indirectly responsible for my mother’s death, I will never apologise to you both!”

“You!” Liu Jiahui was instantly furious, pointing at Liu Manqiong for a moment, unable to speak.

And in her life, the person Liu Manqiong hated the most was Fang Jiaxin.

Ever since she could just remember, she remembered her mother washing her face in tears at home every day, and her father almost rarely coming home. At that time, her mother had told her that her father had been seduced by a fox spirit outside, and that was why he did not care about them, mother and daughter.

The fox spirit her mother spoke of was Fang Jiaxin, whom Liu Jiahui was hiding in his golden house.