Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4476

Before Ye Chen landed, he had already read Liu Jiahui’s full profile.

This old boy was a womanizer, had been married three times and had five children.

The oldest of his six children is his eldest daughter, Liu Manqiong.

She is 24 years old and is studying for a PhD in Chinese at the University of Hong Kong.

Her mother died of cervical cancer when she was five years old, and a year after her mother’s death, her father, Lau Kar-fai, married an actress ten years younger than him in the Hong Kong Island entertainment industry.

When Fang Jiaxin ran away from the United States a few years later, Liu Jiahui divorced his second wife and then married Fang Jiaxin.

Liu Jiahui’s first wife gave him two daughters, Liu Manqiong being the eldest and her sister, three years younger, currently studying in England.

The actress had given Liu two children in three years to secure his position, but all of them were daughters.

When Fang Jiaxin returned, Liu Jiahui gave the actress a sum of money and sent her off to Canada with her two daughters.

After marrying Liu Jiaxin, she gave birth to a son at the age of forty, who is now ten years old and in primary school.

He spent tens of millions of dollars on his son’s 100th day banquet at the best hotel on Hong Kong Island, and gave Fang Jiaxin a luxurious mid-levels mansion, a luxury yacht and a private jet at the banquet.

Fang Jiaxin was also more favoured in Liu Jiahui’s eyes because she gave birth to his son.

As for Liu Manqiong’s profile, Ye Chen had also looked at it carefully.

This girl, by no means, was the naughty girl that Liu Jiahui said she was; on the contrary, all of this girl’s resumes were very good.

That she was academically successful, and that she basically got the best grades in any examination recorded in the file.

On top of that, she has been a keen philanthropist since her teenage years, not only donating consistently to various charitable causes over the years, but even taking almost all her spare time after school to volunteer for those charitable funds.

Recently, Lau Man-kiong has been promoting a charity campaign to solve the problem of drinking water in impoverished areas of Africa, aiming to raise HK$200 million in two phases by raising funds from the whole community.

In order to act as a true rallying point, she will personally be responsible for half of the funds raised in the two phases, i.e. HK$50 million in each phase.

Of course, although she has excellent grades, she has not entered society to earn money, so it is her father Liu Jiahui who will foot the bill for her.

Twenty minutes later.

The convoy pulled into the famous Shih Hoon Road on Hong Kong Island.

Shixun Road is a mountain road, and the mansions here are almost all mountain-style villas built on the mountain.

All the mansions located here are invariably worth hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars, with the largest even worth more than a billion Hong Kong dollars.

Every inch of land on Hong Kong Island is precious, and this is the pinnacle of property prices on Hong Kong Island.

Those who can live here are almost invariably among the island’s top tycoons.

The entire villa covers an area of at least a few thousand square metres, and the courtyard is big enough for 20 to 30 cars to stop.

When the motorcade drove in, more than twenty servants and gardeners dressed in white overalls were already lined up here waiting, and from the first car coming in to the last car coming in, they bowed throughout, not moving a muscle.

When the motorcade came in, the bodyguards got down from the cars first and opened the doors for Ye Chen, Liu Jiahui, and Fang Jiaxin in the other car.