Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4474

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said with a smile, “I have long heard that Mrs. Liu is stunningly beautiful on Hong Kong Island, even though Mrs. Liu is wearing sungla*ses and a mask, she still can’t hide her elegance!”

Hearing Ye Chen’s compliment, Fang Jiaxin felt slightly more comfortable in her heart and smiled, “Mr. Ye has praised you.”

Liu Jiahui at the side could not help but say, “Jia Xin, hurry up and take off the sungla*ses and mask, what do you look like in front of your distinguished guests!”

Fang Jiaxin hurriedly took off her sungla*ses and mask and said to Ye Chen with an apologetic face, “Sorry Mr. Ye, I was a bit rude just now.”

Seeing Fang Jiaxin’s real face, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, “Finally, I understand why Uncle Zhong was willing to stay in America illegally for Fang Jiaxin for so many years, such a woman, even though she is already half old, she still has her charm! Looks, skin, figure, temperament, almost nothing can be picked out, and she only looks like she’s in her thirties, so you can imagine that she must have been even more incomparable when she was younger.”

Then, Ye Chen deliberately teased, “Before I came here, I had heard many rumours about Mrs. Liu’s legendary past, and just before I got off the plane, I still had doubts about these rumours, but now that I have seen Mrs. Fang’s real face, all the doubts I had in my heart have vanished!”

Fang Jiaxin’s expression was a little embarra*sed for a moment.

Liu Jiahui, who was at the side, even twitched his facial muscles a few times.

Although Ye Chen had said something cryptic, it was actually to point out a little bit about these two people.

Although Ye Chen did not say anything specific about Fang Jiaxin, this this husband and wife, both of them, coincidentally thought of Fang Jiaxin’s elopement with Chen Zhao Zhong.

For so many years, this matter had been Fang Jiaxin’s soft spot in front of Liu Jiahui, and was likewise a sore spot deep inside Liu Jiahui’s heart.

Ye Chen’s implicit point here made both of them feel very uncomfortable in their hearts.

The reason why Ye Chen said this was also completely deliberate.

He just wanted to see how much patience this Liu Jiahui had in front of himself.

He was only provoking him a little now, and if he could endure it, there would be even greater provocations waiting for him later.

If he could make Liu Jiahui flip out in front of himself, that would be great.

After all, Ye Chen had flown all the way from America this time to teach him how to behave.

Even if Liu Jiahui accidentally stepped on Ye Chen’s foot, Ye Chen would still use this as an excuse to pick up his skin.

However, Liu Jiahui did not know that Ye Chen was not a god of wealth who came to cooperate at all, but rather a fury who came to pick his skin.