Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4471

He Zhiqiu did not expect that Liu Jiahui would want Ye Chen to stay at his home.

However, He Zhiqiu did not know what exactly Ye Chen’s visit to this Liu Jiahui was about, so she did not dare to agree to it for Ye Chen without permission, so she said, “This Mr. Liu should wait until we meet and talk to him personally, depending on what he wants.”

“Good!” Liu Jiahui said with a smile, “Please don’t worry, Mr. He, I’ll make sure he feels the warmth of Hong Kong Island!”

He Zhiqiu said, “Good, this a*sistant of mine is named Ye Chen, the name of Ye, the name of Ye, the name of Star, when you hold up a sign at the entrance of the airport, a sign with his name on it, he will go to you when he sees it.”

“No problem!” Without saying a word, Liu Jiahui said at once, “Then I’ll prepare to leave now!”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and said to Fang Jiaxin, “Tell the maids to hurry up and clean up the largest guest room on the first floor, first we have to entertain a valuable guest!”

Fang Jiaxin was a bit surprised and asked, “Jiahui, what is such an important guest that you have to go and pick him up personally and arrange for him to stay at home?”

Liu Jiahui said, “It’s someone from Isu Shipping, and it’s said to be a person handpicked by the two major shareholders of Isu Shipping, the Ito family behind Isu Shipping and the Yanjing Su family are very powerful super families in East Asia, whether we can cooperate with this group all depends on him!”

Fang Jiaxin looked puzzled, “Isn’t our own business also going well? Shouldn’t we need to rush to cooperate with others?”

Liu Jiahui waved his hand, “What the hell do you know, since the establishment of Isu Shipping, the whole Asian shipping market has changed a lot, not only has Isu Shipping integrated all the resources of the Ito family and the Yanjing Su family in shipping, but it also works closely with the famous Wan Long Temple. escort resources are also given priority to Isu Shipping, if we can cooperate with Isu Shipping, we can have sufficient protection in terms of both capacity and security.”

The Ito family is the number one family in Japan, and the Su family is also the number one family in China, and since the Ye family has lost half of its a*sets to the Vanguard Palace, the Su family is riding high in China. In the future, not only will they be able to earn more money than they could before, they will also be able to do more things that they couldn’t do before!”

Fang Jiaxin asked in confusion, “Isn’t the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall just mercenaries? Isn’t a mercenary supposed to work for whoever pays him? He should reasonably be the one to please us, where’s the need for us to please them?”

Liu Jiahui said contemptuously, “The uninformed are fearless! The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is not an ordinary mercenary organisation, it is one of the most powerful mercenaries in the world! They basically don’t bother to work with individuals, they work with some countries and the warlords of those countries, the reason why Iso Shipping was able to take on the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons this time is also because the Su family has some connections with the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons!”

He said, with a smug look on his face, “I’ve already investigated almost everything about the Isu Shipping Line, the father of Wan Breaking Jun, the master of the Wan Long Hall, was the junior brother of Su Shoudao of the Yanjing Su family back then, and was promoted by Su Shoudao, which is equivalent to the Su family having a favor to the Wan family, that’s why Wan Breaking Jun cooperated with the Su family after taking care of the Yanjing Ye family, otherwise, even if the Su family is rich, they may not be able to make Wan Bajun move!”