Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4462

However, because of the existence of this void, when she knew that Chen Zhaozhong was going to be sent back, and that countless people were ready to take his life, she was still unable to accept it, so she came to Liu Jiahui in a fury to demand an explanation.

However, she had overestimated her status in Liu Jiahui’s mind.

She also underestimated the hatred that Chen Zhao Zhong had in Liu Jiahui’s mind.

When the slap hit her face, she was a bit frightened for a while.

She was afraid that she would lose everything around her again.

So, she hurriedly explained to Liu Jiahui: “Jiahui …… you don’t misunderstand …… I really don’t mean anything else …… I just ……”

Liu Jiahui said in a cold voice: “Don’t you say anything! I don’t want to hear exactly what you mean, I just want to tell you that in the future, you are not allowed to mention anything related to the three words Chen Zhao Zhong in front of me again, otherwise, you will get as far away as you can from me!”

Fang Jiaxin was horrified beyond belief.

She knew that although Liu Jiahui liked herself and was extremely possessive of her, he had always been wary of her.

Although she had married him, a*set-wise, she had always been insulated from him.

Before Liu Jiahui married himself at the beginning, he had already made himself sign an agreement to voluntarily give up all the joint a*sets of the couple.

So, as long as Liu Jiahui divorced her, she would only have the option of netting out her family.

So, while she was in tears, she said to Liu Jiahui, “Jiahui I was wrong …… don’t worry …… I will never make you angry again …… ”

Liu Jiahui nodded expressionlessly and said in a cold voice, “Mrs. Han should still be waiting for you.”

Fang Jiaxin hurriedly said, “Right …… Mrs. Han is still waiting for me at the horse farm …… Jiahui, then I will leave first, what do you want to eat in the evening, I will ask the maid to prepare it for you in advance.”

“No need.” Liu Jiahui waved his hand, “I’m a bit annoyed right now, I want to be alone.”

Fang Jiaxin said with trepidation, “Okay …… then I’ll leave first ……”

After saying that, she turned around in a hurry and left in a wretched haste.


The next day.

It was early morning in New York.

When Xiao Churan opened her eyes, Ye Chen was still sleeping soundly beside her.

She did not know that Ye Chen had gone out alone last night and did not return until nearly dawn.

After getting up, she asked the hotel’s catering department to bring her breakfast, just as Ye Chen also came out of the bedroom, so she smiled and asked, “How did you sleep, husband?”

“Quite well.” Ye Chen smiled faintly and casually replied, in fact he hadn’t slept at all, he was just lying in bed, his thoughts stirring about things related to that mysterious organisation.

Xiao Churan greeted him, “Breakfast has been delivered, come and eat!”

Ye Chen nodded, and the two of them had just sat down at the dining table when Ma Lan’s video was sent to Xiao Churan.

Once the video was through, Xiao Churan looked at Ma Lan in the video and asked with a smile, “Mom, why are you sending a video so early?”

Ma Lan’s mouth turned up, crying and selling misery to Xiao Churan, saying, “Churan ah …… mum really misses you ah …… you don’t know how lonely mum is at home alone since you and Ye Chen left, I really don’t want to stay at home by myself for a minute. I really don’t want to stay in this house by myself for a minute ……”