Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4440

Ma Lan looked down at the price tag and exclaimed, “Holy sh*t, seven, eight, eight, eight …… seven followed by six eights, no decimal point …… that’s 7.88 million! ”

The female shopper in front of me took the necklace out, looked at Ma Lan, looked at the necklace again, shook her head and said, “Madam, I suddenly feel that even this necklace is somewhat dwarfed in front of you.”

Ma Lan was on the verge of tears.

“A necklace of nearly eight million dollars pales in front of me? You think I’m the sun!”

Qian Hongyan behind her was also shocked and blurted out, “This necklace is too expensive, isn’t it? …… 8 million, after tax, you must have won the lottery at least twice!”

The female shopper said seriously at this time, “Actually money is not a problem, I believe that with this lady’s temperament and her price, it is still more than enough to buy such a necklace.”

By the time she said this, Ma Lan was already fidgeting a little.

The shop a*sistant was really good at setting the mood, and at the beginning, the atmosphere was really happy for Marashi, but at this point, Marashi was already in a difficult position.

At this time, the female shopper turned her words and said seriously, “Actually, I think that this kind of diamond necklace is too big, too much, and too sparkly, and when it is matched together, it looks a bit too vulgar, and the taste of money is too strong, instead of having the underlying meaning.”

When Ma Lan heard this, her eyes lit up and she said offhandedly, “Gee, you’re so right! Wearing such a big string of diamonds around your neck is like hanging three words on top of your neck: ‘I’m rich’! It’s tacky! It’s really tacky!”

The female guide nodded and said very seriously, “In fact, when a ceiling-level noblewoman like you chooses jewellery, what really matters is not exactly how high its value is, but its temperament, its style, its heritage!”

The fidgeting Ma Lan had just felt had dissipated and was replaced by a higher level of comfort and pleasure.

She said with unparalleled approval, “Gee, girl, that’s great! It’s really great!”

With a faint smile, the saleswoman took out a necklace of crushed diamonds with an emerald pendant from a side counter, handed it to Ma Lan and introduced it, “Madam, look at this Goddess’ Dream, its diamonds are small but each one is a carefully selected ultra-pure diamond, and the fan-shaped pattern is inspired by the cla*sic architectural style of ancient Rome, showing everywhere the successful woman’s unique glamour!”

“The most crucial thing is that the main stone that goes with this necklace is a teardrop-shaped emerald!”

“As you know, we Chinese love emeralds, and emeralds are respected and valued for their green colour, although Westerners do not understand emeralds, they also regard emeralds as the finest of gems, which coincides with our aesthetic of emeralds!”

“So, such a necklace is not only beautiful and exquisite, but more importantly, it also combines the cultural heritage of the East and the West. Whether you wear it in Western or Chinese style, this necklace can perfectly complement your distinctive temperament, and in my opinion, it suits you better than that treasure of ours! I even think that it is simply tailor-made for you alone!”

Hearing this, Ma Lan was overwhelmed by her love for the necklace, and was surprised as she took it in her hands and examined it carefully, unable to stop exclaiming, “Oh my! This necklace is really beautiful! It’s perfect!”

After saying that, she hurriedly went to look at the price tag, forty-eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand ……

Ma Lan couldn’t help but mutter in her heart, “D*mn, forty-eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand …… the money Ye Chen gave me, I’ve spent quite a lot recently, it seems like there’s only three hundred thousand in the card ……”

Thinking of this, Ma Lan’s heart felt a loss.

After some of this female shopper’s words, had made Ma Lan hopelessly in love with this necklace, she now had only one thought: buy it!

“But, there’s not enough money ……”

The shop a*sistant seemed to see Ma Lan’s dilemma, and with a twist of her brain, she spoke, “Madam, you are so lucky today, today is our shop’s celebration, this necklace is now on sale, buy it now and you can directly subtract the change, only 400,000!”