Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4432

To that Liu Sheng of Hong Kong Island, Ye Chen did not have a half good impression.

This is not because of what he did to Uncle Zhong, because Ye Chen is fair and objective, although Uncle Zhong is the weaker party in this matter, but the fault of this matter is really on Uncle Zhong’s shoulders.

It was only natural for that Liu Sheng to want to take revenge on Uncle Zhong for the sake of his dignity and reputation.

However, the point that Ye Chen was most unhappy with was the man’s insubordination.

According to the dictation of Uncle Zhong in the roast goose shop at that time, when the earliest incident occurred, Uncle Zhong had called his own father, Ye Chang Ying, for help at the first opportunity.

His own father, in turn, immediately flew to Hong Kong Island and reached an agreement with Liu Sheng to let Uncle Chung off the hook for his own sake.

But not long after that, his father had a conflict with his grandfather and took Ye Chen and his mother to settle in Jinling, after which his parents were killed in a shipwreck.

The first thing that the man named Liu did after learning of his father’s death was to go back on his word.

He completely disregarded the agreement he had made with his father and almost immediately had to send a large number of people to hunt down Uncle Zhong all over the world.

The reason why he gave up for the time being was because Gu Yanzhong took over for his father.

Fortunately, when Gu Yanzhong became seriously ill, Gu Qiuyi found Ye Chen.

Otherwise, in case Gu Yanzhong fell ill and died, after the surname Liu found out about it, he would definitely go back on his word again as well.

In that case, Uncle Zhong would have been killed off by the a*sa*sin who coveted the bounty.

Moreover, that Liu, surnamed Liu, was now preparing to use a curve to get around his promise to Gu Yanzhong, which made Ye Chen despise his character even more.

Not being moral and not respecting promises, this was the key to Ye Chen’s greatest dissatisfaction with him.

Therefore, Ye Chen immediately sent a text message back to Gu Qiuyi, which was also very concise, with only six words, “Don’t worry, I have everything.”

On the other side, after Gu Qiuyi saw Ye Chen’s reply to the text message, a heart fell completely.

She simply handed her mobile phone to Qiang Zai, pointed at Ye Chen’s message and said with a proud face, “Look, I told you, brother Ye Chen won’t just sit back and do nothing! Just relax and wait, brother Ye Chen will definitely be able to solve this matter perfectly, and maybe after this matter is over, Uncle Zhong won’t have to hide in the east for the rest of his life!”

Qiang Chai’s whole body was shocked and happy, while also asking with a hint of confusion, “Miss Gu, is Young Master Ye really that capable? I have followed the news of that Liu Sheng on the internet, he is a very powerful figure, he used to be one of the biggest property developers in Hong Kong Island, and later became a shipping tycoon in Hong Kong Island, after the Li family in Hong Kong Island went to England, he is almost the richest tycoon in Hong Kong Island …… Strength through the sky… …”