Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4431

Gu Qiuyi was astonished and asked, “Qiang-zi, get up first, tell me properly, what happened?”

Keung said in tears, “Uncle Chung was taken away by the police, they said they were going to hand him over to the Immigration Department because someone had reported him to the Immigration Department for staying illegally, the police also said that in five days at the most, Uncle Chung would be deported back to Hong Kong Island ……”

Gu Qiuyi asked offhandedly, “How could this happen? Is it that Liu Sheng who is up to something?!”

“I think so!” Keung nodded repeatedly and choked back a sob, “Earlier when some cops came to the shop to investigate you and Young Master Ye, Uncle Chung was afraid of exposing the information, so he destroyed the hard drive of the CCTV footage in advance, allowing the cops to pounce on the situation. As a result, immediately afterwards, Uncle Chung himself started packing his luggage and said he was going to entrust the roast goose shop to me, so I guess he realized that the American cops would go to the cops on Hong Kong Island to investigate his whereabouts were also in the hands of that Liu surname ……”

Gu Qiuyi said with a serious expression, “It seems that after all these years, the one surnamed Liu is still not willing to let go of Uncle Zhong ……”

Saying that, she immediately said to Qiang-zai again, “Qiang-zai, don’t be anxious and don’t panic first, isn’t there still a few days left, I will find a way to solve this matter!”

Qiang said nervously, “Miss Gu, the cop who took Uncle Zhong is quite nice, but I’m afraid that Liu has already paid off the higher-up cops in New York, what if they do something special and send Uncle Zhong back tonight?”

Gu Qiuyi said seriously, “Resolving illegal detention is a judicial process with clear legal provisions, it’s impossible to arrest today and send him away tonight, if the NYPD dares to do something against this process, I will definitely protest to the New York City government, don’t worry.”

With that, she turned to Chen Duoduo and said, “Duoduo, you ask our lawyer from the American side to go to the NYPD, say that we have accepted the commission from Uncle Zhong to handle this matter for him, the lawyer has the right to see the client and also has the right to ask them to announce the law enforcement process, when they see the lawyer involved, they surely won’t dare to act in a reckless manner.”

Chen Duo Duo hurriedly said, “I’ll call the lawyer right now!”

“Good.” Gu Qiuyi followed up by saying to Qiangzi, “Qiangzi, you have to trust brother Ye Chen, with his ability, that Liu definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything to Uncle Zhong.”

Qiang Zai did not know Ye Chen well, so he said with great concern, “I don’t have Young Master Ye’s contact information …… I also don’t know if Young Master Ye will be willing to intervene ……”

“Definitely will.” Gu Qiuyi smiled faintly and said comfortingly, “I believe that in this world, there is no matter that Brother Ye Chen can’t handle!”

Saying that, Gu Qiuyi took out her mobile phone and tapped it while saying, “I’ll send a message to brother Ye Chen about this matter now, I’m sure he’ll have a solution!”

The Buckingham Palace Hotel, where Ye Chen and Xiao Churan were staying, was not too far from the performance venue.

At this moment, he had already driven his car to the entrance of the hotel and handed it over to the little brother who parked the car.

After walking into the lift with Xiao Churan, he received a message from Gu Qiuyi, whose message was short and concise and read, “Brother Ye Chen, Uncle Zhong has been arrested and will be deported back to Hong Kong Island soon!”

When he saw this line, the first thing that came to Ye Chen’s mind was that he and Gu Qiuyi had harmed him.

He thought, “A place like Chinatown is a small, relatively closed society, where there are a large number of illegal residents and illegal immigrants, and the police generally do not ask about things here. led to Uncle Chung’s own identity being exposed.”

“And that Liu Sheng on Hong Kong Island has always regarded Uncle Zhong as the shame of his life, once he learns of his current situation, he will definitely find a way to have the American side deport Uncle Zhong back.”

“Although he had an agreement with Uncle Gu before that as long as Uncle Zhong did not return to Hong Kong Island, he would no longer make things difficult for him, but he is now using this method to force Uncle Zhong to have to go back, as long as Uncle Zhong’s feet are on the ground in Hong Kong Island, that Liu surnamed will not be breaking his promise to Uncle Gu in the first place if he finds someone to kill him, and then Uncle Gu will not have any reason to go after him ……”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sneer, “This Liu guy, he really has a good plan!”