Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4427

Thinking of Gu Qiuyi’s concert today, he hurriedly took off his apron and said to the diners in the shop, “I have something to do, please make yourselves comfortable, and please close the door for me if you are the last to leave.

With that, he hurried out of the shop and hailed a taxi to the gig.

He didn’t know if he would have a chance to meet Gu Qiuyi if he went to the performance venue.

But, at the moment, this was the only way he could.



The An family, escorted by their own bodyguards as well as Fei Kexin and Yuan Zixu, arrived safely at the Anbang Mansion.

After Fei Ke Xin saw the An family into the building, she said to Elder An, “Elder An, I will see you all off here, if there is anything you need from me recently, please feel free to contact me.”

Master An nodded and said gratefully, “Thank you Miss Fei!”

Fei Ke Xin was busy saying, “You’re welcome, it’s all what I should do.”

Master An then added, “By the way Miss Fei, I have contacted one of my personal a*sistants when I was in the car just now, he and his team have come over from Los Angeles now, it’s hard for you to keep that corpse and her personal belongings, I will contact you when my people arrive.”

“No problem.” Fei Ke Xin said without thinking, “Just have him contact me directly when he arrives in New York!”

“Good!” Elder An nodded slightly and said, “Then we’ll go up first!”

At this moment, at the entrance of the lift lobby, the security check equipment had already been set up. An Kaifeng said to his parents and the rest of his family, “In order to prevent accidents, all of us have to do a full security check before going upstairs, I have just had the lift checked and confirmed that there is no abnormality, but we should still be cautious and enter the lift two by two and go upstairs in groups after pa*sing the security check. ”

An Kaifeng’s caution did not arouse anyone’s objection, and everyone knew very well that safety was the most important thing at times like this.

So, the old man and his wife went through the security check first and then took the lift upstairs.

An Chongqiu and his wife followed closely behind.

Only after everyone had successfully pa*sed through the security check and gone upstairs did Fei Ke Xin breathe a sigh of relief and, without staying much longer, turned around and led the others out of An Bang Mansion.

The first thing that Master An did when he led everyone to the top floor was to close the physical partition on the top floor of the Anbang Mansion, as this floor was well stocked with supplies and the An family would have no problem living here for several months.

After closing the partition, Master An called his three sons and one daughter to the conference room, and once everyone was seated, he took the lead and said, “For the next seven days, all of us should stay here and wait and see how things develop, and if the danger is temporarily lifted, we will all leave in groups.”

After saying this, he added, “Also, as you can see from what happened tonight, the other party’s aim is not to get rich, but to wipe out the entire An family, so from the time everyone leaves here, no one from the An family is allowed to gather anywhere outside the An family’s boundaries, and at the same time, we have to double our investment in security and ensure that there are sufficient security personnel at all times as well as sufficient security means!”

An Chongqiu spoke up, “Dad, I suggest that in the future, instead of relying on a small number of martial arts masters for our security, we should build a complete, comprehensive and powerful security system, just like the President, and form our security personnel into multiple independently operating security systems, ensuring that multiple systems are cross-covered from near to far and from inside to outside, and that sufficient redundancy is in place, so that even if one of the systems goes down, the others will still be able to work as usual!”

“That’s right!” Master An nodded and said seriously, “Chong Qiu, you have a delicate mind, you will be in charge of this matter, from now on, security is the primary need of the An family, in terms of security, even if we invest more money, we will not hesitate to do so!”